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Part 2 - You Are Here -
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Hey guys! I hope you liked the first installment of my new short-comic. It's currently on the top 6 in ratings on webtoon. Please help me make this comic get to the top 5 by rating and liking it in the link above. Comics in top 5 get more viewership and increase my chances of becoming a part-time webcartoon artist. It would mean a lot to me!
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Light-Dusk's avatar
This is amazing.
Aslan1's avatar
Hah! Seems like he's a bit absentminded, oh well, even dark lords have off Days.
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
The minute he said "Bro" I knew we were not facing your usual Dark Demon Overlord.

Also, HOW COULD YOU NOT NOTICE THE THRONE OF VICTIM BONES?!? That's gotta feel weird to sit on.
NewMystery356's avatar
How do you NOT notice you're sitting on a throne made of your victims? I mean, the lack of lumbar support would be ONE giveaway, and as for the rest...
ShonenJump4eva's avatar
:iconmbisonplz:  You may remember the day I came through your village as the day your life changed, but for me, that was a Tuesday.
TeddyBear101ish's avatar
This has become my favorite comic series from you... and it's only the second page!
SakuraKuchiki100's avatar
This comic pleases me greatly.
lordsiravant's avatar
I have a feeling this dude's not the original demon, but some chump who found his armor one day and just started acting like a harmless villain for the hell of it.
R603's avatar
Or he's a moronic demon lord.

Or something terrible that not even he knows of was going down behind the scenes.
WorldWalker128's avatar
I'm betting that guy just happened to wander in one day and found the armor and put it on and decided to act like a villain 'cuz it's fun!' I mean, he looks a bit scrawny to be a great demonic destroyer.
SweetCaptain77's avatar
...........not exactly fitting the stereotype....I LOVE IIIIIT!!
krimsonfury's avatar
I can't wait for the next one. And yeah, I've been reading the webtoon
aaron-sprig's avatar
15 years ago, when I came to your village, it became a day that changed your life forever. For me, it was Tuesday.
TheWrightDefense's avatar
ChaosDX1's avatar
I... I have no idea what's going on.

But the last time I played Fallout, I decided "When in doubt, raise hell." Go ahead and kill him random hero guy.
p-a-t-a-r's avatar
This is amazing.
HellionScythe's avatar
What the fuck lol
IwuvWoona's avatar
Did you feet any inspiration from Order of the Stick? The dark demon overlord has a Xykon feel to him.
cwonadoonoo's avatar
To do list:

Buy Milk

lololol XD
lupvirga's avatar
LOLS this is awesome.
yoshiegg64's avatar
I am starting to wonder if this is the real demon lord or just some teenager who stole his armor. Maybe a substitute while the real demon lord is mass murdering whole towns? 
garciarael's avatar
Or maybe this dark lord's got amnesia.
or maybe he's just an idiot
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