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Part 1 - You Are Here -
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link

I hope to finish this comic by the end of the month!

A fun comic idea I talked with error-man over skype with. It was lots of fun.
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Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
He's TP-ing his own castle. :noes3d: Noes 3D 50x50 derp YOU DIABOLICAL FIEND OF EVIL!:faint: 
NewMystery356's avatar
Huh... Guess the Dark Demon Overlord (of Doom) ran out of stuff to vandalize, and he just lost track.
yoshiegg64's avatar
Ha. At first I thought the toilet paper was a glass of milk! (makes you remember where he got it from?) I can tell I will love these character already! Though the hero needs a name. How about THE RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE SUPREME HERO of light. or maybe call him Nameless Ned. :)
Ane-H's avatar
I love it so far!
lordsiravant's avatar
Now that's what I call an epic fail.
Easle-Darkpaws's avatar
Oh god....This is gonna be my new favorite I can already tell..
blewfire's avatar
When I read this I could not stop laughing.  :) 
Grudulepoilu's avatar
I like the beginning of this story. ^^
nomawolf01's avatar
So dark an intimidating at first
Not anymore!
GennieDillen's avatar
"Wanna help me vandalize my own castle?"
xaq10r's avatar
Oh my god this is hilarious. XD
ChaosDX1's avatar
See this guy right here? He killed your family.

Getting a lot of mixed emotions right now, aren't you?
I'm going to enjoy this.
p-a-t-a-r's avatar
Oh boy. Dis gon b gud!
dustellion's avatar
umm thats your own castle... lol i love how hes got tp in his hand too
sigel4ever's avatar
idiota y con ganas!
Spihon's avatar
I am loving this the characters are amazing ed! 
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