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No really, commenting helps a lot as well. Just copy paste your comment from deviantart.… (Link to Webtoon)

Now I know with a good consciousness that I did all that I could. Thanks for staying by my side guys.

Good Night.
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Looks like Samurai Jack, but instead of Jack Aku god sent to the future. I love it!
caballero-nocturno's avatar
sweetymimy22's avatar
a very funny comic hahahaha
SweetCaptain77's avatar
How did.........? How much DID he drink last night?
vindurza's avatar
Sounds like a nice economy
tamsinrj's avatar
Dear gallifrey dude you need to sleep. I don't like sleep either but it's kinda necessary to be healthy?

Also how do you actually manage to be this level of motivated on your art. My motivation is totally failing me at the moment. *headdesk*
Edowaado's avatar
Motivation has nothing to do with it.

Motivation is something that comes and goes, it's not something you can rely on. What you'd need is discipline towards yourself. If you have discipline to bring yourself to work on something you set your goal on, then that's what will get you started and finished til' the end.
tamsinrj's avatar
Mm, I do struggle with discipline. I'd do a lot better if I could schedule stuff, but that's pretty much impossible when you're 16 and your entire family is apparently completely allergic to schedules. One day I might have dinner at 7pm, the next it's 10pm.

Also my art doesn't work as well if I try and force myself to do it when I don't feel like it. <- blatant excuse
DaiGuard78's avatar
I can't imagine a funnier scenario for the evil demon lord
XLUFERX's avatar
you look like you survived the week of finals exam of university
GolliatTaillog's avatar
That 3rd last panel looked way too 'Ad misericordiam'
AJR001's avatar
Welcome to the future... :XD:
temporos's avatar
I was going to correct you to say that you meant, "fateful day," and not "faithful day." But, the way it is makes it even funnier. :XD:
RvB-DESTROYER's avatar
thumbs up as currency… How would that work? at some point, will you run out of thumbs ups to give?
SuperBigMac's avatar
Reminds me of some cut content from Wreck-It Ralph. He was gonna travel through the Internet somehow to the arcade manager's computer, and enter a SIMs style game where "Nice!"s and thumbs-ups were currency to buy shirts and stuff from kiosks. It didn't make enough sense with the rest of it, so they cut it, though.
julian0123's avatar
:rofl: Oh, this is going to be pure golld.
Karach0s's avatar
That beggar looks a bit like your drawsona... Coincidence much? :D
Also, thumbs ups as currency? I can see that happening in not so distant future... Definitely before flying card. :D
Also, 7th panel - just like how Wall-e would look after a giant robotic hang-over. :D
Ajax94's avatar
Don't go to harsh on yourself though
krimsonfury's avatar
Thank you SO MUCH for doing the Dark Demon Lord of Doom... in SPACE!!!
SpikelyWhiplash's avatar
If untraceable and easily-counterfeited hand gestures are the most monetarily stable form of currency in this world, the economy must be all kinds of fucked.
firecharge44371's avatar
I'm surprised that he isn't dead yet
HerotheTimelord's avatar
Holy Crap You look awful, go get some rest!!
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