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Shortwood Cove - The New Order -

By Edowaado
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Spin-off comic of my Doctor Whooves Series. Why is Johnny Bravo in there? Click to read and find out.

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado

So did everyone enjoy the newest episode? I sure did! I gotta admit I think non of us saw Bon Bon's secret identity coming. But hey that just opens up new doors!

If the Doctor at the end of my comic has left equestria with Lyra in search of new planets, then somepony else has to take care of things.

As much as I love this idea I will not work on it as a project. Just a little something I had in mind trying to tie this in as a little continuation of my previous comic... even though the new episode decapitated my whole Doctor Whooves comic haha. Oh well, can't be helped. It was fun!


If you're wondering about the title, We had a vote long time ago concerning the name. 

Doctor Who -> Torchwood

Doctor Whooves -> Shortwood Cove
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... the avenger ponie project


i agree ^v^

jppiper's avatar
Hopefully it would be light-hearted and kid-friendly than the original Torchwood
DrWhoFan611's avatar
Johny Bravo pony? Not buying it... this team is gonna suck, probably die, and be replaced with new characters.
MKn1's avatar
This would be AWESOME :D:D
KingkyLeor's avatar
my only reaction:
aaaaaaawwww the changeling is so aborable, oh and can't wait for more ^^
Lyokoheros's avatar
So... this is after Your Doctor Whooves series? If yes... why Joe remember Iron Will and Johny?
Edowaado's avatar
It's just a simple one-shot spin-off idea. The reason why Joe rememers Iron Will and Johny could be for various reasons since he's an agent. 
Mulgorath's avatar
UGH, I'd really love to read a comic about this entire idea! But this just makes me wonder whether or not Joe, Johnny and Iron Will remember the entire ordeal of the Cyber Invasion since they're all together.
Aeon-Silence's avatar
A parody of Torchwood, huh?

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Cue the Torchwood theme!!!!:…
Luckysweep's avatar
So who's the changeling? And what are they like?
Rampager2000's avatar
He's the Changeling 
Untitled by Rampager2000  
Luckysweep's avatar
But why are they there?
Rampager2000's avatar
Apparently to create an agency
Aha! Now I know where a lone changeling at the wedding scene in the 100th MLP episode came from.
(Mark this as headcanon)
MidnightRainbowsky's avatar
You should totally make more of this
markoatonc's avatar
Will there be more of it, or it was juts a one-shot thing?

I would love to see this done. And /the surprise on bonbon's side when she learns just what lura has be trough. :P
Dragon101k's avatar
Bravo! It's Johnny! :iconheresjohnnyplz:
Animatorsnake's avatar
Wait a changeling? and do they remember the Doctor or not?
Ono-Matopoeia's avatar
Just as long as you don't adapt Miracle Day. I LOATHED Miracle Day.
Hopeligh's avatar
Please, continue this, or make a story of their adventures. I'm positive every fan of your original comic, myself included, is dying to know where this goes. The way this comic is made more like a teaser trailer than a one-shot comic.
SonicCam04's avatar
hey... is there gonna be a update to this?
Edowaado's avatar
Sadly not, since this was just supposed to be a one-shot for Bon Bon's new character < : )
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