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Hey guys, to those who don't know, I've uploaded the Error comic on Webtoons now. If you liked it so far, would you be so kind to click the small heart at the end of the page that would help me out a lot.…
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Such motivate. Makes me inspire.
Sneshneeorfa's avatar
I love this.
Very motivational.
Laurentiusje's avatar
you have no nose... why you no nose!?
CeeJayPoni's avatar
aw that ruined my day...
lakituguy's avatar
How 2 motivation.
Step 1:Have an objective
Step 2:Tell yourself to fuck off and do it
Step 3:Shia lebouf,JUST DO IT!
You're done,good job
DaiGuard78's avatar
They say that the most annoying person to you is yourself
littlecrazyneko411's avatar
XDDDD oh that is too funny XD lololol
SolarEclipse64's avatar
This could probably help :P…

A button of instant motivation from Shia LeBeouf!
JinnMandor's avatar
Ah, the artist's struggle: making money at doing what you love.
mater358's avatar
that just reminds me how much I've been doin the "No, fuck you, just do it." to one of my artist friends recently haha.
temporos's avatar
You've discovered why I never consult my "more confident" self on anything anymore. :XD:
julian0123's avatar
19646's avatar
Yeah, that's about how it goes for me too..
ChaosDX1's avatar
That's pretty much how I'm taking on life right now.
R-Doll's avatar
Funny and motivational. Great combo. X)
caballero-nocturno's avatar
hahaha cool and true, It is not easy and may take a long time, but the only way to achieve a goal is to work even if it hurts.
GennieDillen's avatar
Luckysweep's avatar
Have you ever seen the movie "Whiplash"? I sometimes imagine the teacher in it yelling at me.
It doesn't always work because I keep trying to punch the air. ^^;
broznik592's avatar
Is the confident version of you also Shia Lebouf?
sIim-shady's avatar
AJR001's avatar
That's one way of motivating "yourself"... :XD:
ViviTheFolle's avatar
Very-confident-versions-of-yourself, such dickheads.
FaelaArts's avatar
The only thing I can suggest is, if you can't do the thing you love due to lack of options, find a job that allows you to work at it even if you can't do it now.

E.g: I want to be a games designer, but I'm getting a generic IT diploma degree so that I have options. Meaning; if I don't get a job in a company, I can grab an It job while I continue to work on my dream.
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