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Royal Horse Noises

Awkwaaaaard. I don't know if it's just me, but I found Luna's face in that scene incredibly hilarious

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Slowly walk away
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Is William Shakespeare a thing in their world?
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This is what you two are doing:…

This is what I want you two to do:…

Any questions?
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Luna is definitely a dragon geek
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and this is how a royal problem started
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I guess many have experience this with another sibling.

Wonderful work.
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Tia is only envious because Luna is cuter ;P
Less serious sisters and more awesome sisters please writers!
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Well I asked in the last comic about Royal Horse Noises.  Guess I get my answer now.  ;P
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Come on Celestia you are not the most refined of the princess.…
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She like cakes :v
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Now that you mention it, it is funny and they both look cute like that :)
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For the record, I love that face.

But it's funnier when Celestia makes it. :lol:
Now imma grab some popcorn
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You know what, this really reminds me of 2 Best Sisters on YouTube XD
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This looks so familiar... I can't put my hoof on it. Did you based it on something?
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And things got awkward... time to go
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man, now I wish this happened in the episode.. XD
So then Twilight and Rarity would've had to figure out more about the dragon lord on their own rather then being told by the princess's 
Hey, the Royal Canterlot Decreeing Pose was great. It's a tragedy it ever fell out of use.
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thihihi  .... now that you metione it :D
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Let us sneak out like Spies !
That's some good art!
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Now's not the time ladies....sisters
I figured the problem would be that they have learned a lot about dragons over the past thousand years.
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