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Of course Twilight would only have the holiest of Chefs to cook for Celestia. 

I think...

It made a lot of sense in my head xD

*fixed typos and errors

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So, Jesus works for Twilight.
Well, my head-canon just got more interesting.
ZatchZ's avatar
It's pronounced Hay soos.
Lyokoheros's avatar
I don't get it... 
I have nothing agains putting Jusus to Equestria, but... what he has to do with this speech of Twilight? I can't remind myself any quote from Bible which is similar to it...
AuroraHarmony's avatar
Jesus is just well known for using metaphors.
Lyokoheros's avatar
Right... well actually it usually was rather parables, but that isn't very important detail now... I just thought that it was reference to something... well less general.
Anyway, thanks for explanation.
DovahCourts's avatar
This reminds me of the time when a kid sneezed, my sister said "Bless you.."
Then the kid sneezed again and my sister said "God bless you, child!"
Yoyojor's avatar
wow twilight
stop having that attitude, jesus.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
It has been more than 2000 years of that and you keep mentioning
tyruvelp's avatar
last panel - put a comma after the word kitchen 
the word Jesus then becomes a play on word pun - makes it sounds a if she is both cursing and saying his name at the same time 
i think 
That's disrespect.
I bet he has an apron hanging in the kitchen that says: "My blood is your marinade"
BBBHuey's avatar
Or maybe even one that says: "Kiss the Cook".
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coolclaytony's avatar
So what's on the menu? Bread, fish, and wine?
I hope wine and crackers aren't the only things on his menu.
BB-K's avatar
Lol, Jesus the chef. :XD: Hey! I love those plates, I wish I have one of those in real life. :)
Dsiak's avatar
jesus plz, stop it.
Jesus, you're here to work, not talk. If we were paying you to talk, there'd be a place setting for you.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was cute and funny.
QuantumBranching's avatar
Loaves and fishes again?
PhotoshopExpress's avatar
It's ya boi Jesus Christ!
AJR001's avatar
I'd be willing to taste his food. :D
kabhes's avatar
he just copy and past things there isnt much originality in it
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