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NOTE: BT stands for the Black Tourney. If you havn't heard of it check it out : )! [link]
You can read his my spectator entry for the BT to know more about how it was - > [link]

Name: Aka Kanda
Age: 16
Blood Type: B negative <--- very important < : D (not really)
High: 175 cm -or- 5,75 Feets

PARADOX NOTE! (The Black Tourney acutally only took place a few month ago before the pcbcos. But Aka insist on saying that it happened 3 years ago. for further information read the info below)

So if you look at the age of the Judge Isaac Is 20 years old. Just as old as he was in the Black Tourney. Aka was only 13 Years in the Black Tourney and now a few month later suddenly 16!so how can this be explained?
Well the Black Tourney was a crazy place. The evil enemy had control over time and space in the building the tourney was being held. And created alots of dimension where the characters where in one of each dimension.
My explanation is that the MC spited a some few dimensions where every contestant had his younger self be in. Somehow the 13-year-old Aka switched to a dimension by an ''accident ''where every contestant where in their currently age while the 16 yeard old Aka was in a different dimension. When the little Aka got out of the hall of the black tourney as the first of one of his own himself time somehow started to pull all the dimensions together.
Since little Aka came in the wrong dimension it somehow happened that he ''maybe'' got sended 3 years back in time. No one really know what happened.
But when Aka would see an contestant from the Black Tourney he would be like ''Hey it's so long i've seen you! remember me? From the crazy tourney 3 years ago''
The others would be like ''wheren't you smaller? and it was only 2-3 months ago!''
As said everything is a big mystery how it came to this point. But on the Ref-sheet you can see how Aka has seen his life going.

So as mentioned before, Aka has been an orphan ever since he was 4 years old. when people would start talking about their parents or would be asked about his own family, he would simply look down to the ground and say very slowly that he doesn't really have any and hoping for that they won't ask him more about it.
Having lost his parents still hurts and he often the habit to get a little flashback remembering how he saw his parents falling down in the lift until it crushed down on the ground.

He still loves Team Rocket even though he knows that they where the biggest criminal organisation ever created. It's like they where the family he once lost. That's also the reason why he still goes around with his Badanna.

Losing his first pokemon Raticate was a big shock for him specially since he still was young. But that only made him grow more mature and he sees the world like a very experienced adult now... Also life has become a bit boring for him.

In Battle!
-He would most likely give commands the whole battle through.
-He often likes to take gambles in a battle in order to make it more interresting. Like we would let make an 'if this doesn't work it's over'' plan.

-He doesn't get worried, surprised nor scared very easily due his experience with facing the death in the Black Tourney. However if an opponent makes an unpredictable move, Aka will show that he's surprised, but will most certainly try to keep an poker face.
-He tries to always predict what will happen next due the fact that he believes that live is predictable.
-His Pokemon are for him like his own family.
-He is a bit of a psycho (you wouldn't be normal either after all what he went through). He often tends to make an evil grin when he has a plan and loves to bring battles to the extreme point.
the bigger the grin.. the extremer the plan
-Aka has actually never had a real battle ever since the black tourney. He mainly focused on contest everyday.
-He believes that coordinators have an advantage in real battles, because they know how to manipulate moves.
-Even if he can remind you a bit of a psycho in a battle or in an intense situation or jsut when he gets serious, then he's however still sane enough to get very good along with other people and shows interest in what they are doing.
-He's not shy at all coming in contact with strangers, in fact he may go over to you and ask what you're currently doing. And whatever you would respond with as an answer he would say something like cool (even if it isn't)

Questions!? Ask em'!
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Hehe I'm back to reeducate myself the way of the Aka!! I don't like that visitor thing on your page, it makes me feel like a stalker. xD I'm actually just really forgetful.
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Oh the nostalgic
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By the way, could you give me a hint as to what Aka is looking for in this Tourney? Why were the other contestants considered bait? XD
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Quote from your bio: "High: 175 cm -or- 5,75 inches"

Just a heads up, an inch is a very small unit; about the size of one digit of your thumb. If Aka was 5,75 inches tall, he'd be less than 30 centimeters tall. The unit you want is foot, feet (plural), ft. (abbreviated). ;)
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pft how silly of me lD
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Oo i haven't commented here yet -.-' look, i loved the way that you painted half of him ^^ it's very! Also, you made many information about him, including his expressions, his past (detailed), etc...! that is a good creativity of yours ^^
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Thanks a bunch X3. To be honest this is one of my few pictures i'm very proud of.
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This is one funky ass ref! I've been meaning to say that for a while. Good luck
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Srsly? thanks alot < : D. I'm just worried his design is a bit to plain < : )
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plain is good, and easy to draw repeatedly!
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nice ! I like the backstorie aswell :nod:
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Oh! And in the lower left box, "face expressions" should actually be "facial expressions". :)
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Hey, nice ref! I've been thinking about this for a while now, but I was wondering if you'd be interested in me spell-checking some of your stuff for you.

While you can get your point across, I think it might benefit from a little extra help. :)
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really : D? You would do that for me? Indeed i've been trying to compare Your text you used with mine and i've indeed come to realize that i'm not very creative with what i'm writing : (
god..i..i hope i won't take to much from your time tho D ,:
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Yeah, I've actually kind of been itching to give it a go ever since you started. I figure it would be a nice way for me to pay you back for that video. ^^

I'll start with this ref sheet. And in time I'll also do your PSC spectator entry. How's that? :D

Let's see. I'll start with the bars on the right side.

The first block of text looks good, except for the part where you explain the inspiration for the design.

Correct would be: "Design inspired by the male trainer sprite from FireRed."

The color scale is good, except for one detail. You spell color as "colour". That's fine in principle, but it's the British way to spell it. You used the American style "color" in the previous box. It's better to be consistent. Pick the style you want and stick with it. (I use the American style myself.) ;)

Copyright statement: it's technically not required since you haven't depicted any Pokémon on it, just a human character. That said, the correct way to say it is "Copyright belongs to". Also, Nintendo should be spelled with a capital "N".

Now for the main block of text. I'll just rewrite it so you can Copy-paste it. ;)

Aka Kanda info

Age: 16 years old.

Aka lost his parents at age 4, due to a lift accident. He was adopted by the leader of Team Rocket when he was 5 years old, and got sent to a Team Rocket training camp.

He was treated very kindly there and one of the grunts even gave him a Rattata.

By the time he turned 7, however, he found out about Team Rocket's criminal plans and activities and ran away with his Rattata. It was at this time that he got interested in coordinating. This lead him to sneak into the Super Contest Hall when he was 13 years old. Unfortunately it was at this time that the BT was taking place, and his Raticate lost its life.

Now, 2 and a half years later, he reappears to enter the PCBCOS.

I hope that helps! :D
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:, O thanks a bunch! i love you! i'll change it later tonight :, D!
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