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Told you I figured something out

There were no loopholes! No, wait hold on. I just thought of something. I'll get another one up later.

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rangerkom's avatar
I read hasbro offered the job to the one who's known for doing fan voice of Vinyl but she refused because she wouldn't be allowed to do the fan voices anymore 
monterrang's avatar
what if vinyl don't speak english?
fillenbillen1's avatar
You're right monterrang! It all makes sense now! XD
WorldWalker128's avatar
She needs a parrot to train to talk for her.
"Ready the sails! Buwark!"
LuismiPro465's avatar
You just made my day XD
superswagmlg's avatar
SAY SOMETHING DAMMIT!Undertale - Full of Angry Chara Screams 
Winged-Mari's avatar
who wat where

whos nowhacking??!


Don't lose hope; if you keep trying you'll get her to nod or shake her head sooner or later.
ahmadsyar's avatar
"How do you comment on every pony art you see on DA?"
Skrotamak's avatar
TartarusFire's avatar

Fantastic. I applaud you're craftiness.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Ugh, I hate her muteness. If bronies weren't such self-entitled whiners, she would have had a canon voice ages ago. I couldn't care less about No Whacking or whatever her name is.
Skrotamak's avatar
I wish I could up vote your comment. You'd think the choices they made for Canon Doctor and Octi in Slice of Life would give the fandom all the faith they need for the MLP staff do get a canon Vinyl voice perfect. Better than some amateur in a fan video.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Thank you. I loved pretty much everything about Slice of Life EXCEPT Vinyl's muteness. It was the only thing I didn't like.
LuismiPro465's avatar
I think her muteness is just perfect, as it gives the show some kind of difference. Just same as Derpy's case
SuperBigMac's avatar
I'm not sure amateur is the right word... I've always had the impression she's trying to become an actual paid voice actress. Of course, I could be wrong, but she's still a whole helluva lot better than most YT VAs.
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
I can get why vinyl doesn't say anthing that much..
EmeraldExpress's avatar
I don't know what it is, but ponies being mute just seems to make them cuter.  Examples being Muffins and DJ.
roxy-cream's avatar
So you like Muffins when she doesn't speak?
I agree. =D
Lars99's avatar
Where are Nowacking, when we need her? :)
kabhes's avatar
well she can't use sign language she has no hands
jyroman53's avatar
She needs a translator ! Like Octavia !
YoshiAngemon's avatar
I think a popular musical artist will voice her in the Movie, and her song in the movie will be more popular than "Everything is Awesome" AND Shakira's "Try Everything!"
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