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You guys ready for Starlight to single hoofedly take down all the bad guys?


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Mind if I do a dub on this? I promise I'll give you credit.

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is not total nothing celestia do, she give help or support or leason to twilight , were is need it! if be truely nothing, she will do nothing for equestria, nothing for the school, no weidding for cadance, and no reform of discord! is not easy to rule a kingdom and do nothing not help it!
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Shots fired. 

Lovely art and shading, thank you very much for sharing!
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That's a good letter, Twilight, but you forgot to draw the middle finger.
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s h e s  o n t o  y o u  c e l e s t i aI am a dummy! 
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Dear Twilight,

enjoy the moon.
also bring me some cake plz


p.s. BRING ME CAKEBirthday Cake (3) Birthday Cake (1) Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday :cakerun: Pixel Cake Me and My Birthday Cake Birthday Cake  :D cake love Food Emoji-02 (Short Cake) Food Emoji-03 (Mini Cake) Pink bouncing cake Celestia can have cake yummy
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This so true XD
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That happens in almost every episode. (que unamused face)
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Princess Celestia: Damn, she's on to me.
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Dear Twilight

I hope you enjoy your new mission on the Moon

Love Princes Celestia :heart:
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Twilight: writes back
Dear Princess Celestia,

Are u saying I'll be an equestronaut!?
P.S. Is there an inactive moon base and any zomponies up there?
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Response from Celestia :

Do you like Mmmmm... Bananas?
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Twilight: I like to Hail Hydra. does that count?

P.S. Do I still need guns and ammo?
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Celestia: No, you only need PAIN!!!

P.S I stole bananas.
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(THOOM!...) Twi is on the moon and stands up then covers her nose with one of her hooves then picks up a moon rock and throws it.
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Then the TARDIS appeared from nowhere.

Me: Alright Dash, this is how space looks li-

Rock hits TARDIS.

Me: TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(Gulps) Welp Luna did say that moon base and the MPD was close by and by where I'm at Hopping there is cake! *Hops across moon to Griffin Station.*
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Raven: ................... So true.
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King Bumi would be so proud.
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