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Mare in Red

By Edowaado
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Ponified comic of this short youtube video www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_hLd2…

Dubbed video of the comic here www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4CseK…

I must say, Fancy Pants is my favorite one time character next to Iron Will :)

For all pony fans please check out my other comic. The art gets better troughout.

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tryhard alert
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yautjapony02Hobbyist General Artist
....Why didn't she just try paint? But I got my sadistic glee to seeing the last panel so meh.
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It makes sense to me. Her somewhat clingy persona, constant bids for attention and absent-mindedness? It all adds up.
Fleur clearly has some sort of anxiety complex. Fancy's the only stallion she's met who treats her and others around them right and it's quite likely she's had bad experiences with others in the past. She's terrified of losing him or disappointing him. It's like Rarity's obsession with impressing him but more so.
Perhaps it's his curse. He's so pleasant that he makes ponies go too far in wanting to please him.
Maybe I'm going off on one but there's a lot of potential for very complex characters in Fancy and Fleur. I'm surprised they don't get more attention from the show and fan-base.
Well done in this case.
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LunaroyalguardHobbyist Writer
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Cre8iveWingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Then she goes and dyes her mane red. XD
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As someone who has had heavy sunburns, I can  F E E L  this image.
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Saafm1Hobbyist General Artist
Desperate much?
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cooljell522Hobbyist Digital Artist
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HugoMndzHobbyist General Artist
I... I don't think it works like that
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o.O....That sun burn is going to be a bittttch.... Och...
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beauty is painful...
that's why I don't bother...
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baselover4Student Digital Artist
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SilverMutttHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my word! :XD:!!
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Damn Thats icerdiubg ut
CheesycheeseoCheese's avatar
Overdoing it*
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Well, theory done
unicorns can get horn cancer
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CrimsonColt7Student Artisan Crafter
she actually does looks better with the Color red. XD
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Mark-TerronHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwww, poor little gorgeous jewel. What a shame that such a prize among ponies should suffer so. 

Nice comic!
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In the last panel, it looks like she's so mad because she got burned! Eh? ... I'll go hide now...
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Fox-MaccloudStudent Writer
Oh snap!!! XD
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vash755Hobbyist Digital Artist
i look better in red then you
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BloodJerkovichHobbyist General Artist
He's right

She really DOES look better red.
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melodymalone123Hobbyist General Artist
Pffff! :lmao:
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I think he meant in the form of clothing.
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