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MLP the Movie - I'm the Friend You Need

October, halloween themed picture! I just read the Movie prequal comics, I really enjoyed Capper's story arc in it. Looking forward to see his story pick up in the movie

Link to his song (Spoiler)…
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That was a good song.
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goodness me- i- omg wow- capper is my fav character and this- byutyfulLa la la la 
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Very nice! I will have to say he was my favorite character in the movie, and you did a great job with capturing his personality! ^^
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Exllcent one of Capper
SkalopultonDraw20's avatar
I love Capper! He’s without a doubt one of the best new characters in the entire movie!
why am i in love with a cat.......
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Sweet Capper and the delicious PAWSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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This guy has such a unique backstory that could've been used for his own movie. But nooooooooooo they had to make Twilight the hero even though she is FREAKING ANNOYING! :angry:
This show is overloaded with secondary characters who I think would do a way better job at being the mane hero
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I agree with completely!!
TheCartoonWizard's avatar
Thank you, I thought I was the only one
ArtTwins347's avatar
I thought I was the only one too, thank heavens
TheCartoonWizard's avatar
Who would you want to see as the main star of the show? I'd want it to be Thorax or Ember
LittleMissStyle's avatar
i think he was the best out of all the new characters added in the flim 
Kujiiro's avatar
Foot/bottom half of body looks a bit off, but good lookin Capper :thumbsup:
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Seen the movie, it was good. I liked Capper more than I expected, and his song was very catchy. :)
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I'm A Friend You Need When You Lost  And Don't Know What TO Do!
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Reminds me of that one Skyrim quest when you wake up in an abandoned shack and Dark Brotherhood contacts you...
KingkyLeor's avatar
what's that i smell? mmmmh R34 x)
(but honestly can you even improve at this point? this pic is just so great)
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But are you the friend I deserve?
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I've read the graphic novel adaptation; he's pretty much the only good character in the whole story 
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Capper the dapper.
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This looks beautiful and I'm betting that Capper is gonna be the next Onceler! Once-ler oop 
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