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I Care - Part 8 (Webtoon Challenge)

By Edowaado
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Webtoon Challenge…

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Part 8: - You Are Here -
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Epilogue: Link
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WorldWalker128's avatar
Looks like he aged twenty two years!
Time-Moose's avatar
WILLIAM! Oh god no. :iconcryforeverplz:
Laurentiusje's avatar
SweetCaptain77's avatar
Mother of God, he looks like Death!
Ajax94's avatar
bobshmit13's avatar
Seriously, he looks like he's starving to death. And just something I just thought of, would running actually be approved of by her doctor so soon after a heart attack? Or was that after some time had passed and she was stable enough to do that?
Edowaado's avatar
I'll say she spent some time at the hospital first. At least she had to do her home work from there.
Monki-Eeyup's avatar
Uh-oh that doesn't sound good. I think he won't be in such a "good" shape when she comes back from France...
sigel4ever's avatar
tsk i fell something bad in this moment, but he have a big heart to destroy the illusion of his friend...
watergod159's avatar
He looks so does she not see it?
Edowaado's avatar
I imagine it can be a bit deceiving when it happens gradually
watergod159's avatar
I can believe that
Razor13's avatar
It is. When you see someone fading little by little you don't notice anything. It's like losing one or two pounds at a time over the span of multiple months.
soulcrystal's avatar
This looks like it was cut.
Edowaado's avatar
Yeah it was too long. Uploading the other part in a sec
soulcrystal's avatar
That latest page really tugged at my heart strings.
Edowaado's avatar
I've just been listening to it quite a lot while drawing. I think it goes well to the story.
soulcrystal's avatar
I'd say why it really got to me, but that would spoil it.
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