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I Care - Part 8.5

By Edowaado
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Part 8.5: - You Are Here -
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ferretlivvie's avatar
Nuuu whyyy

(Great story by the way)
Rozanslash's avatar
sukikittycat's avatar
-crying- that is soooo sad
ROCuevas's avatar
*Drowned in a sea of feels*
dafiltafish's avatar
I bet those guys who beat the shit out of him feel like real dicks.
WorldWalker128's avatar
I doubt it. The number of decent people in the world seems to be declining every four years of so.
Time-Moose's avatar
My god. That angst was so deliciously perfect. I'm crying in the library for heaven's sake. Thank you. I would hug you if you were here. Such a beautifully sad story. God, I love it. :iconsadcraiplz:
MagicaITrevor's avatar
Yup... I figured. Since the third or fourth one, actually. Not what he had, granted, but his attitude was definitely a "I'm not sure I can save my own life, so if I can save someone else's, then mine will have had meaning." Great job.
Laurentiusje's avatar
vindurza's avatar
new it would tear out our hearts
crazzyredhead's avatar
so sad crying this was so good 
ANiceCupOfCocoa's avatar
.....................................................................................:heartbreaker: remake <- my heart

naan21's avatar
sokesamurai's avatar
Saw it coming and it's still like a 2X4 to my feelings.
wolfyspite's avatar
Oh, man the feels. I'm actually crying. Damn. It was a really great comic. I Loved it!
Edowaado's avatar
Thank you wolfy, but it's not done yet xD
wolfyspite's avatar
You're welcome. Oh, well dang. ^^; I'm going to keep reading then. 
Beachygrl92's avatar
nope nopenopenopenopenopenope
Ajax94's avatar
You frogot: "nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope NOPE!!!!!"
Karach0s's avatar
I had feelings once too... Fortunately, those times are long gone. :P
pwrov's avatar
to be honest ... i did not expect that
funnypony1448's avatar
kovex2443's avatar
Weep not for those gone, for they have found peace. Weep for those left behind, for they must bear the loss.
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