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I Care - Part 7 (Webtoon Challenge)

By Edowaado
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WorldWalker128's avatar
He's dying, isn't he?
ROCuevas's avatar
He's... getting sickly looking...
Time-Moose's avatar
William kinda looks like Sherlock... It's a shame he's getting more sick. :icontoopreciousplz:
XLUFERX's avatar
he seems getting worse
naan21's avatar
Goddammit, the celery XD
RavenRHWinters's avatar
IKR!? XD Best part yet!!!
Ane-H's avatar
Celery, the perfect companion to any Doctor cosplay. :)
That was seriously my first thought....
Edowaado's avatar
Okay I can't deny it. It was a reference to the 5th indeed. Not many can pull off a vegetable as fashion ^^
SweetCaptain77's avatar
.......this IS nice and all, but that last image making me wait for the other shoe to drop....
TangoMango32's avatar
oh god i feel like he has cancer or something!!! Noon i'm getting so attached to this webtoon XD
Gammer14's avatar
Oh no... no no no no no :'( no you can't do this... Something is wrong with William, He's so thin, and his cheeks... he looks like he's got cancer, he's going to die soon I just know it... No! Why does he have to die... Why! :'( Dang this story is going to pull on my heartstrings. 

Edit: :iconriversongplz: (Spoilers Sweetie) The worst part about this, was that I was listening to this Song while reading this part and the one after... It fit too perfectly, and it made it even sadder... 
crazyseandx's avatar
Oh shit. William he hasn't eaten. Does he....have anorexia?
vindurza's avatar
and this is getting more heart breaking as we progress I almost can't watch
funnypony1448's avatar
caballero-nocturno's avatar
William is dying Q.Q
nayialovecat's avatar
William looks sick :/
animeking5's avatar
Oh... No, hes in worse trouble... He has gotten visible paler and thinner. This isn't looking good...
sigel4ever's avatar
i have an idea about this guy...

something not exactly happy
Laurentiusje's avatar
the poor boy doesn't have a good health himself I fear :(
KingArthur5's avatar
Well, I like how she is progressively getting thinner throughout the comic, and I find it interesting the same is happening to him.
x--Grell--x's avatar
For the next part of story...*ahem* spoilers possibly people sorry,.....WHY ED?! WHHHYYYYYYY
This is gonna be one of those "I want to change someones life for the better before mine ends." stories isn't it?

Can't it just be a "I want to make someones life better because my own home one is not so great cause of parents or sibling trouble"?
Plasmius94's avatar
aids or cancer

dude is just getting thinner and thinner 
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