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I Care - Part 5 (Webtoon Challenge)

By Edowaado
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Webtoon Challenge…

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WorldWalker128's avatar
Yeah I'm fine. Coughing up blood is totally normal for me.
ROCuevas's avatar
OK... he is not alright... at all.
BlondeNobody's avatar
If this ends with they both dying in the same hospital room I will cry for the rest of my life!
nayialovecat's avatar
Call the police, don't be moron = ='
Ajax94's avatar
The feels are striking my heart too :(
Frozenknigth's avatar
do i smell a sick boy? maybe with leukemia?
broznik592's avatar
He's got cancer of the feels. :iconthatfeelplz:
Frozenknigth's avatar
well leukemia is cancer but on the blood
broznik592's avatar
The blood bone's connected to the feels bone. :iconthatfeelplz:
Frozenknigth's avatar
piemastee's avatar
Spitting Blood. He has a broken rib that punctured his lung at the worst.  He needs medical treatment ASAP. It could be nothing except him choking on his own blood from an injury in near the mouth or nose. BUT to be safe he need to be checked out.

I personally don't like when someone gets their bodies beat and they continue fighting like it's just a scratch. Movies and shows do this too often and it gets old. Human bodies aren't as strong as people be want us to be. The way you portrayed him getting his butt handed to him he shouldn't have been able to move. I mean he was kicked repeatedly. You don't get up after something like that. You're lucky if you are even able to talk. 

But thankfully that's minor in the big picture. keep up the good work.
That... or he's hiding something.
Micks221's avatar
Lesson: Break a turd's beer bottle and he shall break your bones. I love your comic
Dylgo's avatar
Dude... you just coughed up blood. That warrants a trip to the hospital. or at the very least a doctor's visit.
sigel4ever's avatar
this is worse than i think...
Karach0s's avatar
May that be a lesson to the poor guy. Remember kids, always back up your important data from your portable devices... ;)
katstories's avatar
Remarkable comic.
The story looks like it will be amazing.
Jarkes's avatar
So... wait. Are you actually much further ahead on the Webtoons site than you are here?
Edowaado's avatar
Right now webtoons is two chapters ahead.
popmannn's avatar
I just read your newest comic. All I have to say is, OOOOH SHIT!! I know what your doing and the feels are coming...
Zapper0113's avatar
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: ....... You do not take the R-word lightly like that.
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