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I Care - Part 10 (Webtoon Challenge)

By Edowaado
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TheLegendOfLiam's avatar
You need to become an author. You managed to make me attached to 2 characters in the span of 10 comic strips. That is amazing. I legitimately felt sad while reading this. Nothing else has managed that. You have a bunch of potential man. Keep up the amazing work. 
sukikittycat's avatar
this is the best story i ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Edowaado's avatar
I'm very happy you enjoyed my short story. I will continue on making new comics as good as I can ^^
sukikittycat's avatar
cool I cant wait XD
ServantPhoenix's avatar
"Keep running girl"

That. Was. Brutal. I can't stop crying.
WorldWalker128's avatar
You need to print this, mate. If the internet really does end up getting regulated like Anon is afraid of and this site gets shut down, you CAN'T let this just vanish.
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Time-Moose's avatar
This deserves to be a movie goddammit! I can't stop crying! I don't see why you shouldn't win the competition! I swear, you should make non fan-comics more often! You're a fantastic story writer!
Tenshineko01's avatar
Keep on running kid.
crazzyredhead's avatar
trying so  hard to to cry after reading that... 
Ghost1lover's avatar
Miuna Crying Icon OMG~  this was just amazing
SebasVishno's avatar
Woah. Thats powerfull
Edowaado's avatar
Sebas! How have you been? So glad to hear from you! Thank you so much for being part of the ride!
SebasVishno's avatar
Fine thanks!! I have just come home from my vacations to New York and Disney!! 
Of course! I read all your comics! :D
superal64's avatar
Miuna Crying Icon   I love it 
Nyerguds's avatar
Ohhh. An unsent draft. Wow.
BlackMidnightKat's avatar
Krazylec's avatar
Ooookaaaaay, I'll admit I like what you did with the two bullies! A bit heavy-handed maybe, but then again, it's hard to go into detail with a limited number of pages.
AJKaton's avatar
The feels. This was great Edo.
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