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I Care - Epilogue

By Edowaado
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What a ride!

Thank you all so much for your being with me throughout this journey. Not only have you guys been reading my story but you've helped me by supporting me throughout this challenge.

This is a story that's very dear to me, and I'm so glad to have done it. It took a lot of all-nighters and dedication, but now I can look back at it without any regrets.

There's so much I want to say, but I feel like I should save that for a thank you video or something. You guys have been amazing and I want to give something back. I just don't know what yet, but I'll figure something out.

It's now it's up to the judges. I hope they'll consider me. I did my best in the end, no regrets. Only pride.

Thank you all for being part of this, and above all, take Care.

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Epilogue: - You Are Here -

I want to dedicate this final chapter to my grandmother who died yesterday morning and Andrey who passed away last year. He translated my doctor whooves comic into russian.
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Purplealloy01's avatar
I read this story a while ago but didn't comment back then. I guess I should now. It was a nice story, reading it again it makes me want to cry because I can somewhat relate. I am fat and have tried to get in better shape before, only to give up time and time again. I wish I could have someone to motivate and help me like Emily did. I would say that this story motivated me, but I'd disgrace it by giving up somewhere along the way.
Keep making awesome stories and art, Edo.
Edowaado's avatar
Thanks purple, I'm really happy you enjoyed my story.

Yes, it would be nice to have someone to be at your side to push you where you would like to go. But in the end it was up to Emily to continue on her own, and that's the same for all of us. Even with all the support, if we don't take the steps ourselves, we'll never get anywhere.

I'm happy to know you've tried to make a change. I myself did some studying before working on this comic and found a pretty great running schedule.…

It's really helpful to get started on a slow pace, and then slowly build up. You jog in your own pace 3 times a week (So every second/third day) for about 20-30 minutes. the first week you jog 60 seconds, then walk for 90 seconds, then you jog for 60 seconds and so on. Just make sure you have a watch with you.

I tried it myself and after 8 weeks I was actually able to jog 30 minutes without stopping or walking breaks.

If you feel up for it, I highly recommend this one :)
Arthen065's avatar
Man... One of the best stories I've ever seen
Edowaado's avatar
Thank you for your kind words! I hope you will follow me for future stories ^^
Randompersonfrom's avatar
Briliant.  Well done, edo. It's just... wow
Edowaado's avatar
Thank you for reading Random!
Pegasister112's avatar
I cried. And this happens rarely,so... This means its even more special.
You've done amazing job,Edo. Keep going like that.
Edowaado's avatar
Thank you very kindly. I'm happy you enjoyed it.
MidnightRainbowsky's avatar
Omg this entire comic was so amazing. I hope you succeed as a cartoonist! Your comics are awesome! This one made me feel emotional.
Edowaado's avatar
Thanks so very much for your readership Midnight ^^ 
DucksforLife's avatar
This is a very good comic. I have no negative things to say. It was JUST SO SAD TO SEE WILLIAM DIE. TT^TT 
Edowaado's avatar
Thanks so much for taking your time reading my comics DucksforLife ^^!
DucksforLife's avatar
HomerNet's avatar
Why isn't there a way to favorite this whole thing?
RvB-DESTROYER's avatar
this is amazing… Got me choked up on some parts. and I'm not the one to be choked up often.
Bananaman140's avatar
The feels will give me a heart attack, such an amazing story in many ways
Maldrete's avatar
This story felt so real. The main message you got across within just a few parts was powerful: Others can do everything they can to help you, but it's still ultimately up to you to help yourself.

You've made a wonderful story. Thank you for your efforts and time Edowaado.
Den-drummer's avatar
Dem feels be real yo
Really nice story.
genetheawkward's avatar
BLOOOHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO DDDDDD: who is cutting onioooooooooonnnnnnnnnns

Your best work yet, m8.  Sorry I missed the contest duration, but I'll vote for you next time something else comes around.
Edowaado's avatar
That's alright, but thanks so much for reading! Really appreciate you decided to be part of the ride ^^
RinchiShimura's avatar
I'm the first to admit I'm a total asshole that laughs at tragedy, but this actually touched my heart as I happen to be going through a struggle with my weight and losing loved ones like my nephew. 
Sabathamk's avatar
I loved reading this!  So much heart!  I couldn't stop. 
Edowaado's avatar
Thank you so much Sabat! Very happy enjoyed it til' the end < : )
baileycasad's avatar
This....was an amazing story
It truly touched my heart
This is just...a touching story it's just AH! So freacking sad and adorable and guh! I truly didn't see Williams death but I see why! Because after that Emily just wanted to stop trying again because she didn't have anybofy but she kept going!I truly loved this story it's amazing! You did an amazing job
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