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Guys Night Out 4.2 (Hearts and Hooves Edition)

*Song ->…

Part 1:…

:iconyaomingfaceplz: :iconsaysplz: Bitch please, I wanted the Corn Dog instead

Woah! I made it! Happy Hearts & Hooves Day! 20 minutes before midnight, and I've gotta go to work in 4 hours... Yes, I already regret this.

Haha, in any case I hope you all had a great valentine, be it with your friends, family or lovers.


For all pony fans please check out my other comic. 

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado
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I wanna ship them!
MiragePotato's avatar
the lesson here is...
never but NEVER overfab shining armor
minhbuinhat99's avatar
At first, it's kinda like Wander Over Yonder to me, but the last pannel just wipe out everything lol
DarkNeon-64's avatar
I can't stop laughing!!! X'DD 
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Aww. Shining, that's not nice. Go apologize. Even Blue blood needs friends.
Stuflox's avatar
bbb35's avatar
Poor Blueblood's happy expresssion RIGHT before the flame-thrower XD
Sithking-Zero's avatar
Panel 3 is a thing of BEAUTY.
Jonerico's avatar
Maybe he didn't want to be friends cus Prince Blue Blood called him "chump" instead of "chum"...
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Pffffhahahah, BURRRRRRRRRN.
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:iconyaomingfaceplz: :iconsaysplz: Bitch please, I wanted the Corn Dog instead

Raven: ...... Does anybody even realize what corndogs are made out of?!
hypnox77's avatar
Delicious devil fingers wrapped in a blanket of angel wings... on a stick?
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: They're hotdogs on a stick. And hotdogs are made outta cows.
AndysLife's avatar
Not in the magical world of equestria… 
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: In Equestria, they have corn sticks.
AndysLife's avatar
I wouldn't know, so I go off what the fans say… I guess it to much effort for them to say sticks instead. 
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: No, they're just idiots.
AndysLife's avatar
Alright then… idiots it is…
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