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I'm hilarious

Edit: This Comic has been dubbed by :iconalycat2211:…

For all pony fans please check out my other comic. 

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado
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Lyra: Your gems have HANDS!!
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Spike: I'm hungry, can you give me some of those gems?
Rarity: No, Spike! I'll use these for jewelry and dresses!.
*Rarity walks to her house*
Rarity: Now time to make a beautiful dress!
*Lets the gems down*
*Suddenly, the 3 ran away from Rarity's house*
Rarity: Why are these gemstones running away! They can't even walk!
*A few rough hours later, Rarity became insane and poofed the gems. She then started working on a dress for somepony*
Rarity: Finally, they'll stay here, forever..... *Laughs manically*
*Rarity falls alseep*
*Suddenly, Spike appears and eats Amethyst's gem and Sapphire's gem, then he leaves*
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Rarity : Oh Holy Fucke!
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can she find me a pink diamond?
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I love how Garnet is just frickin reading a book nonchalantly while the others are freaking out. 
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And then they found out that Spike eats gems.
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Great mix between SU and MLP!
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Garnet picked up a newspaper on the way here.
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Lol! Lookit Garnet! She's just sitting there chillin'!
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someone did it but with ...                            TOPH BEIFONG THE GREATEST EARTHBENDER IN THE WORLD avatar gif  toph beifong 

Toph Beifong against the crystal gems
And Garnet's just not giving any fucks. XP
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Spike: I think they look delicious
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>__> Spike, eating them would basically be murder, and if Homeworld found out, they would annihilate the entire planet just to whip out all dragons.... so yeah, DON’T!!
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Heh heh, nice one =D
My two favourite western animated shows right now. If only Steven Universe was crossed over with MLP instead of Uncle Grandpa.
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Unlikely since they're owned by two different networks. It would have made more sense to do an Adventure Time crossover since that would put two of Cartoon Network's top rated shows together that are currently running.
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agreed. Stupid uncle grandpa
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EDWARDOO! i love how all the bronies are getting into steven universe.
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Thats stupid, what about Steven he's a gem to.
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He is only half gem, maybe rage spell wouldn't work on him?
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um... O_O I don't like that look spike's got on his face... let's just hope that she simply forgot about steven
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