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Foresight - I'm Not Your Hero - Part 12
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Whooves comic

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Comments (132)
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Saiyanstrong|Hobbyist General Artist
Lies.  or half truths.
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ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
ShujiWakahisaa|Student General Artist
This is the most saddest of I've ever seen where their talent betrays them...... FEEEEEEELS
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iamli3's avatar
would have been more effective if you had made it more clear how trapped that one colt was in this situation , having a scene with their faces right next to each other doesn't do a good job making a convincing 'there's nothing we could have done' scenario....

not to mention that when it comes to escaping a fire like that would be very easy since it would take a bit for the fire to actually cause harm....

not to not to mention that they're keeping their faces over in what would be the hottest place of the fire for a prolonged time in that scene.....
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wolfjam2011|Hobbyist General Artist
I was listing to the radio and reading this comic and then this song came on called "fire" just a funny coincidence :)
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Akkura343's avatar
At leas he wasn't afraid when it happened.
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Phaedrolous's avatar
Phaedrolous|Student General Artist
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Acacia-Rabbit-Desert's avatar
This is very scary! =S
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Fire5236's avatar
Fire5236|Hobbyist Digital Artist

I lol'd :XD:
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cormy1's avatar
In the first panel, what's those 3 waves of horizontal line thingies?
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Edowaado|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well they were meant to be trees ^^
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TheDisgusticifiedOne's avatar
TheDisgusticifiedOne|Hobbyist General Artist
I love how those t trees. Not only is it a good way giving somthng tht's burngn a surudby more fire a form, it also seems like a bark pattern.
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A-Dawg13's avatar
Wow, the art style has seriously improved since the earlier ones!
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PortalDash|Hobbyist General Artist
oh no
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erpae|Hobbyist General Artist
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ILOVECATS567|Hobbyist General Artist
o snap
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pokedotcat|Student General Artist
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and then he burned to death
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GruntBoy|Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Dark, really dark.

Still love it but still...........wow........

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SpeedAction|Student General Artist
It looks like his prediction......
Was a big hit!
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DoctorBlue588|Hobbyist General Artist
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IlukaAppledash|Hobbyist Digital Artist
NO! Not Foresight! I dont know why i care for him already but damn im scared for him!
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