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Edo Here - There's Nothing Left For Me -

Little experimental comic this time around.
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That's... really sad...
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Well...that was easy. I guess.
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. . . Maybe I'm reading too much into this but.. that's kinda how I've been feeling for the last few months. Though not because I've completed everything I've set out to do, just that feeling of ...nothing. Like all the passion in what I liked doing before has just faded away.

... Okay, this got heavy quickly um... *walks over to the table with the lone cup of coffee* I don't like coffee, but I'll drink it fo--!! EEEYOOOWW!! *spilled the HOT coffee on myself as I went to drink it*
Edowaado's avatar
hahaha, yeah no mate I getcha
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>Instant coffee

You're fucking dead to me....... 
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I'm disappointed in you, Edo.
You do NOT waste coffee. Fade from existence AFTER drinking it.
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you forgot to drink the coffe
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Mr. Coffee, I don't feel so good..
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I  do miss a point
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This joke is based in myth. Ghosts are dead, non-physical beings and as such they can not be killed. Many versions hold that the only 'true' way to permanently deal with a ghost is to resolve their unfinished business. Once this happens, they fade away.

So the implied story is: 1.) I want coffee. 2.) Dies and becomes ghost. 3.) Ghost makes coffee. 4.) Ghost fades away.

The other comments (ie: I don't feel so good) are referencing a character who says those words before they are disintegrated. Hope that helps!
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Edo doesn't feel so good))

(sorry, couldn't resist making this meme)
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that kinda hits right in the feels I know too many people that feel this way at times myself included unfortunately
sworddancer94's avatar
dude you okay? i'm really concerned 
Dibullba's avatar
No he is totally fine. This comic is literally him trying something new out.
Niles-Prower's avatar
That's an interesting idea.

Also the last set of text ended up... a bit blurry, as if it was scaled badly. Sorry if that's a dumb thing to point out, especially if it was meant to be that way for blurry effect.
mouseanderson's avatar
wow, how surreal and realist at the same time.
monument2allyoursins's avatar
It's like everything is unlimited

But we choose to limit ourselves

*fade to black
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Hey! You forgot to drink it!
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As he disappears:
Ashidaru's avatar
you ok Edo? ^^"
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