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By Edowaado
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Well I´m out of ideas...
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You look like you tried to swallow a banana. Maybe that's the problem. :P
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I did the exact same recently to a kid on a train, and it actually kinda worked. x'D
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Once I went to the movies and this little kid was violently kicking the seats. She was kicking them so hard I could literally feel and hear it from across the room. Then her mother did something like flash a camera like in my direction at the kid or something, I was so ready to throw something at them and tell her to control her obnoxious child. Hence why I never go to films that younger kids would enjoy anymore
mattwo's avatar
Basically me when I hear a kid on a tablet listening to that dubstep rooster song loudly without headphones.
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Quirky-Middle-Child's avatar
Honestly, in child psychology they throw tantrums mainly for attention, so most parents do ignore it because they don't want to feed their child's bad habits. 
However if a child is just playing around and causing a disturbance then it is definitely annoying, if the parents don't do anything about it then they are being bad parents, the only reasonable solution after that is duct tape. 
Wolf-ODonnell's avatar
Have you tried passive aggressively talking loudly about the unruly youth of today?
LSDInkvizitor's avatar
"Ma'am, would you kindly control your demonspawn?"
81Scorp's avatar
Chloroform always works! :)
Wolf-ODonnell's avatar
It's not just restaurants; I work at a grocery store and see this all the time. Makes me want to install hidden tranquilizer guns in the ceiling so as to knock out unruly children who won't stop creating a ruckus.
I-AM-LOLCAT's avatar
Better hope that that kid’s mom is not entitled.....
temporos's avatar

Yeah, that doesn't work. I speak from first-hand experience. Parents with small children should be banned from eating out. Either that, or there should be separate restaurants for adults who don't want their dining experience ruined by pint-sized, misbehaved, feral humans.

ColdSnap777's avatar
They have those...they're just more expensive.
temporos's avatar

They do? Where? I'll pay the extra cost, even if it's twice the price of the other place with the brats. Totally worth it! Around here, you can't go to even a Ruths Chris without running into a misbehaving whelp.

ColdSnap777's avatar
What I mean to say is that people don't really take their kids to very fancy, very expensive restaurants.
temporos's avatar

Oh. They do here. It's awful.

AlSamil's avatar
You need dark glasses, for some reason kids are really intimidated when people wear dark glasses and stare at them.
soulcrystal's avatar
I hate it when kids are throwing a fit and the parent does nothing.
CourierDan's avatar
You staring at the Mom or the Kid?
DrX-Raven's avatar
(OoC: Did you try flexing?)
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