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I apologize for the lack of comics all the time. I'm just gonna post comics when I can, but I got enough material and time to provide for the rest of spring at least. 

I was in a danish tv show (Zulu HK), it's been a really great experience, I even got recognized on the street a few times. I've already talked about this, but now the show is aired and I'm done with all the aftermatch. I even got time to work on some DnD art for myself. 

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Awe, this is actually pretty sweet
Agrophias's avatar
i cannot see something where "bro" is said repeatedly without remembering the "bro rape" video on youtube....
81Scorp's avatar
Broing it up!
temporos's avatar

What kind of TV show was it? Game show? "Reality?" Documentary? Drama?

SpeedAction's avatar
Oh, thank god, you're still alive!
Nintendogamemaster's avatar
WOO! The Bros adventures is back :D And as funny as always XD
xboxgamer969's avatar
that looks like something else entirely to me lmao
me and my pervy brain
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Awesome on the tv thing!

Aww Bro bonding!
xaq10r's avatar
Nicely handled there, guys. Also, congrats on the TV appearance! :D
ColdSnap777's avatar
Modern problems require...this. This right here.
ChaosDX1's avatar
Better than the real thi--- I mean Better than the REEL thing. ...Sorry.

But yeah, virtual fishing's more fun.
Crimzen250's avatar
Yeah you BETTER apologize for not using that pun earlier!
This is really wholesome and I like it.
The-Luna-fan's avatar
Tenshineko01's avatar
lol, I love this. XD
vindurza's avatar
I know this is satire but that is actually a fun way to hang out with your best pals
SFaccountant's avatar
It's better this way. Real fishing is super boring.
Crimzen250's avatar
You're doing it wrong.
You need to bring friends and beer.
DrX-Raven's avatar
(OoC: I mean why would you go outside when outside can come to you? Also you're committing a felony by not putting in any Jojo faces, unless those are actual faces in Jojo and I don't know because I don't watch Jojo or you still can't recall how to draw Jojo faces)
DracoBlair's avatar
Well, I would do the same, I admit :D

Glad to have you back, really :)
soulcrystal's avatar
That ending is kind of funny.
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