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Edo Here/Horse Wife Crossover

Little crossover done with who drew the middle section. All rights to Brownie Bun goes to him. 
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I looked like a good idea, was about to try it
Usually it's for arson, but it's good to branch out now and then.
age3rcm's avatar
now they will spend more than just one day together!
ashwin200's avatar
Brownie Bun ftw!
RinMitzuki's avatar
hahaha, two of my favorite artists thrown together!!  
Pamela-Ibis's avatar
Envirotech's avatar
hehe XD   cute and funny!! :3
Ah know immah get used to used to it.....
*gets up from my prison bed*
DrWhoFan611's avatar
What is she gonna do, CUTE her way out?
QuantumBranching's avatar
She'll be OK. There's no real legal precedent for convicting horses of writing threatening letters. (Mr. Ed always made his threats personally and face to face.)
blackmorn's avatar
Wow you got to spend the day with Saitama. im jelly
AJR001's avatar
Yeah, that plan doesn't exactly work in real life... ^^; :XD:
jyroman53's avatar
Yea ! Prison is a fun place !
SalenStormwing's avatar
Cute Prison is tough, mare.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, very nicely done. So very hilarious as well.
ABronyAccount's avatar
But now you get to spend the night in The 20% Cooler.
You're making me so jailly.
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Sami17's avatar
Just let her into the jail's kitchen and run away as the guards fight with fire. 
Neonhuo's avatar
Haha, this is awesome! Two of my favorite comic artists working together!
Plus I'd love to spend a day with Brownie Bun too. X3
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