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Edo Here - Harmony for One -

I actually like Coriander, but too much is too much haha
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I prefer Oregano
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I feel ya. I hATE it, ruins the whole thing IMO
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I hate coriander. Booooo coriander. Ruins anything it's remotely in earshot of.
tastes like dish soap
Everything changed when the Coriander nation attacked.
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But coriander is delicious!
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I'll be honest here, whoever is cooking this smorgasbord of food is parsley insane. Whatever they do when they cook coriander is not going to pan out very well. And that's just the topping of it but just imagine how much they'd hate the taste when they find out it isn't so sizzle to cook after all.
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Sans approves of this comment.

Papyrus does not, but he is smiling even though he hates that he is.
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Here comes the Koriand'r!!
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Like a "Sausage party" lol
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I'M CRYING Crying With Laughter Emoji iOS Ver Crying With Laughter Emoji iOS Ver 
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i eat from a can...
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sounds like when I try to cook lol
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I get the same feeling with oregano
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Same but with anytime someone decides to make meat sweet.
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Orange chicken is actually better than it has any real right to be. Teriyaki chicken too. I should really never doubt Asia's capacity for mixing sweet flavors with meat. Everyone has different tastes though and I do still hate pineapple on pizza.
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OMFG chinese Honey chicken fried rice....Im hungry now
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