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Doctor Whooves - Upgrade pt 1



Welcome to ponyville you oversized toaster!

And off we go! Derpy was safe the whole time : 3 Well until now...

To be honest I'm far too lazy to credit the OCs because I assume the owners will be able to regonize them. I also gave them a few accesories to fit them for Manehattan.

:bulletgreen: Doctor Whooves

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Chapter 5:
Part 1: You are here
Part 2: fav.me/d5bwfoc
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Part 4: fav.me/d5cvsuj
Part 5: fav.me/d5d2zp3
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Part 7: fav.me/d5db1s8
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Chapter 6: fav.me/d5eodb6
Chapter 7: fav.me/d5gxypf
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Chapter 9: fav.me/d5q7vd9
Chapter 10: edowaado.deviantart.com/art/Ne…
Chapter 11: edowaado.deviantart.com/art/Re…

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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I really enjoy this comic. I think this is one of the best Dr. Whooves comics out there. However, I'd have to dock a star for originality because you used the Doctor and Derpy as well as the Lyra and Bon Bon pairings. I think the impact of this comic worked quite well. The panic of the Canterlot ponies comes through quite well. The humor in this one is spot-on. "How did you get in my house!" Also, Derpy with the frying pan was hilarious. Overall, I love this comic and would recommend it to any MLP or Doctor Who fan.