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Doctor Whooves - Spending Time pt 4



''Creatures Like You''

Song from ''Strangers like me''…

Song without vocals…

Amv Video… by :icondiscord-drocsid:
Amv Video… by Leostarwing

Even though this is Doctor Whooves, it is still also My little pony. And what is My little pony without a song?

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Can't wait for the next part?
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Doctor Whooves Confidential:
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Alright been a while since I wrote a critique so here goes.

First of all I believe you can do better in your art work, I remember reading the first comic page of this series and it looked so much better.. you aren't constant enough. Although the delivery of your work is great and I must say I enjoy reading it, I think you can do better. I do like the new layout of the text, it looks much better and you still use the colour co-ordination for both the Doctor and Clyria I think her name was... I forgot.

I don't think I have seen anyone write a story with MLP in mind so this is original and creative. whether you thought of it yourself or not it is great... I do like the use of the tarzan song since many people know this and will recognise it which of course many already have.

I hope I am not being to harsh but I am on the other hand being truthful...
I know it is a lot of work making all this and meeting your watchers expectation but dont rush... Art is a passion and therefore you must take great care. Good Luck and Keep On Improving and Drawing ^w^