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Doctor Whooves - Spending Time Cover

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i don't get is the beinng of chapter 3 or the start of the whole thing
cottoncloudyfilly's avatar
and thats it,no more charpters..
Devereux-Mortesen's avatar
I love that crystal ball.
DoctorHeadshot59's avatar
Listening to Yes while reading this...fits perfectly!
MirceaKitsune's avatar
Really amazing comic... very impressive. Hope to see chapter 4 too, keep up the amazing work!
atnezau's avatar
Nice! Your link to my crystal ball isn't working though. Try using this: [link]
Edowaado's avatar
Yeah now it's better, thanks.
MagnusDune's avatar
But but it was Tomorrow 3 days ago!! :(
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And I've uploaded 3 new parts for chapter 3 already.
MagnusDune's avatar
omg all this time I could have been reading! Curses!
DragonsAndDreamscape's avatar
This makes me really want to read the story.
Yarrix's avatar
I hope this is not the last and only story from your feather^^
Edowaado's avatar
I do have some plans, but this story will be very long, so I can't even consider anything else at the moment.
plomax's avatar
Reminds me of Diane Pie's dimensional thingy [link]
Atomicbob18's avatar
Soon, the 10th Pony Doctors story will come to a close... :(
Will there be more after Chapter 3? I hope so :D
Edowaado's avatar
I Think this story will be around 10 chapters long. Give or Take.
Atomicbob18's avatar
7 more chapters(give or take)?
Dang, I feel silly thinking its going to be over so soon...
Edowaado's avatar
Yeah the story has just begun : )
Delphi-is-Script's avatar
:O The Suspenssssssse!
Centego's avatar
just cant wait fore more there ! :)
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