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Doctor Whooves - Rebirth Pt 7

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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First time critiquing, so just go with me on this one. I hope to see the new one soon, as I just got set up here in Texas.

It is easy to see that you have an idea what you're doing, and what you plan to be doing later. You make each new step of this story easily followed but not too obvious, so we have to keep thinking, wondering. It's great. I'd say you have more vision than Foresight!

It has been a long while since you started and lot of Doctor Whooves stuff has been done, but you've made it your own! You have taken the character, made him as Doctor Who as possible, and made it as pony as one can (other than the innocence, which is and isn't missed). You have taken characters we know and love, and made them your own, given them a life in this story not many have even thought of!

I love the way I've seen your paneling change, how great it looks now. The art has been great for a while now, and I have enjoyed every new piece that comes. The story looks fresh, like it could be printed and sold!

When I first stumbled upon this I thought, "Oh great, more Doctor Whooves, no one ever does it how I like." You didn't start the story how I feel it should, but you have shown me the way and made me think "Derpy is good, I'm okay with this." I have taken yours as the only true Doctor Whooves, and I get giddy when reading. You are a great writer, and an amazing artist as well. I'm jealous, and inspired.
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:star::star::star::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty: Impact

Your style has shown great improvement over a short amount of time. the lines are smooth, expressions are more unique and the attention to detail is remarkable. As for the story, this is a great example of the Doctor's ability to think a step or two ahead of his enemies. The use of the Sonic Screwdriver as a "magic wand" as some, including myself, would put it does weigh this down quite a bit; however, the overall understanding of the character and his capabilities shines through. You clearly have a great story to tell here and I can appreciate that.
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Thanks for the critique! 
Though I would see the Screwdriver more as a ''remote'' rather than a magic wand since it's the teleportation devices that do the real job :)
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Listen to this:… reading this comic. It's so overwhelmingly amazing!! :happybounce: Heart 
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Too late, bye bye
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Woo! It's victory time :iconraritydealwithitplz: *cue I Am the Doctor* music!

It's getting me excited exactly like in major turnaround of 11's time!
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Getting to the good part. Hearing the victory music and the Doctor's voice.
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I can almost hear the victory music.
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I could actually hear the Doctor Who theme music starting. XD
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Pfft. I try that on people sometimes all like "I know what you did =-=" and they'll be all like "What'd I do? :I"
Cyberponies are just too dumb for that, apparently.
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I can really hear David Tennant's voice during this page. Awesome!
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Is this fear the Cyber Prince feels?
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Just a quick thing I noticed, not to offend at all I hope, but in panel 39 "pure" should be "purely". :)
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Your art has improved so much since you first started! This is amazing! I can't wait till you update, here is my fave, watch and compliment to you!  Tardis a tiny animation 
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I'm shaking in my seat with every new part. This is such brilliant work.
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aaaah he's going to regenerate into this guy isn't he:… (idk ive just heard he's a lot of people's headcanon regeneration of doctor whooves)
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This is geting good XD
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"I'm a step ahead you"

"Then I'm  23 steps ahead you"

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HAH! im 24 steps ahead of you *smiles*
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Hah! I'm 238935923 Miles ahead of you *grins crookedly*
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Poor souls. I'm 1E63 steps ahead you 
serwalt's avatar
im infinity steps ahead of you guys
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Now, divide the total number of steps each progressive person is ahead of the previous by 0 and you will get the number of steps I am ahead of y'all.
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