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Doctor Whooves - Fall pt 1

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you're a true artist i love your work it is incredible! i know you've already finished this "comic book" but Keep up the good work also i need to congratulate you for this, this is a good story, it is original, the art its outstanding but could be better, but, so far the best stories i've ever seen. i am not meaning just this scene of course, i mean all the great chapters, the dailog, taking in account the actual show (personalities, looks, etc.), and all of my words said above are summarized in just one single word: one of the most amazing stories i've ever seen
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amazing just amazing my friend, you have great ideas, an amazing talent for art and you are guided by these series doctor who splendidly, you have a bright future:iconmnrthumbsupplz: see ya.Brohoof 
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or dont even breathe!
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hang in their lyra!
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Shoulda laid off on the sweets, Lyra.
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It's OK. everything will be alright. Just look down.
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don't u mean. "DON'T look down?"
RossPitsharkhunter's avatar
Ya callin me a panzy?!!
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Raven: Yes you are, apparently.
RossPitsharkhunter's avatar
Oh. Ouch bro. Right in the feels.
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Raven: Good. You deserve that.
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I am reading this after the week you uploaded this
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:icondpctorwhooveslaplz: :iconderpyhooveslaplz:
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Does anyone else read Doctor Whooves's lines in a British accent? XD
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I read it in dramatic David Tennant voice xD
I do to how funny is that /:)
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I accidentally clicked the chapter 8 button and I was like, how in the hay did the find Johnny
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