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Doctor Whooves - Epilogue Pt 6

By Edowaado
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The Doctor's explaination on how memories work is taken from a mini episode called ''Good Night''. I could have rephrased it, but this event is so similiar that I thought it would be uncalled for and unnecessary. I will find and link the episode in the next part I upload which I hope will only take less than 24 hours. Merry Christmas until then.


:bulletgreen: Doctor Whooves

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First off, I would like to say that your art style has improved greatly since the first comic and the story line has taken a simply creative arc since then. The light effects in the memory panels are amazing. Lyra's and the Doctor's facial expressions are perfect and really show their emotions. Your line art is simple and really brings out the characters against the backgrounds without making the whole setup too gaudy. The whole "de ja vu" thing reminds me of the episode where the doctor(David Tenant) is dying and goes back in time to see rose before she had even met him. I cant wait to see if my predictions are correct in the next page. You accurately represent the doctor and his script is clear and his explanations actually makes sense in some massive wibbly wobbly way. Your story line flows smoothly, not too fast, and not so slowly that it gets boring. From the beginning to end, it is easy to see the plot and now, the conclusion. The characters have developed well and have been inspiring. Thank you for a wonderful fan fiction. I hope to see more.
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Well to her defense, it is two fandoms crossed together. 
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I only just now discovered the minisode series Good Night was part of and I immediately remembered I read this comix before :D
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Amy: "Did I drop an ice cream? That can't be my saddest memory"
11: The memory of ice cream is always sad
Amy: did we just land? Where are we?
11: what happen after you drop the ice cream?
Amy: nothing I cried... No, no. hang on. There was this lady and she got me another one.
11: what does she look like?
Amy: she look like.. she had a funny dress.. A night dress -chuckle- she had red hair. Doctor.
I don't understand. why are you doing this what is the point.
11: the nice lady what did she say to you?
Amy: Cheer up, have a ice cream!
11: Time and space will never ever make any kind of sense. Long time go you got the best possible advice on how to deal with that. So! I suggest you go and give it.
Amy: Ok, ok so I go through a important question about life and your basically tell me to buy myself an ice cream
11: No, I'm telling you to buy us both ice creams. I love Fairgrounds
Amy: I hate you
11: no you don't
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Lyra, "That doesn't make sense at all."
Doctor, "Now you're getting it."
Love it because it is so true. Where's the fun in making sense.
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Thanks for mentioning that "Good Night" Mini-Episode.
I've seen every episode of the new Doctor Who series (or at least, I think I have), but I'd never seen that, and it was great.
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I've also seen all episodes of the new DW, but never the minisodes. Must see them sometime. And categorize them to exactly where they need to be, hehe
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Well, he's got somewhere to be I'd say :)
Or has he already been?
Stupid time travel.
I agree with you..... they're so cute!
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Wibbly Wobbly, Lyra. Wibbly Wobbly.

Oh, almost forgot. *boops Ed's nose*
You're talking to a time traveler, and you say it's impossible you could have met him when you were but a filly?
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i love this, love the comic... you really have out done yourself. 
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She looks so radiant Lyra.
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That's probably the longest nose boop I've ever seen. :XD:
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Well Ive gotta give u credit the new look of Dr. Hooves is really epic and original I think and I feel really bad for derpy.
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*Boop* :D I wish I could do that for real with Derpy.
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I have been keeping up with it for the most part, read the original Doctor Whooves you put up,( Read the whole thing in one night, then it was 4am, and I felt exausted. XD) then got into the epilogue, and around part 4 is when I fell behind. I hope I can finish reading the rest soon. Got them saved in my bookmarks. 
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