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Doctor Whooves - Epilogue Pt 1



:iconspikerageplz: :iconsaysplz: Hey Pony Joe, another comic.

:icondonutjoeplz: :iconsaysplz: Don't you think you've had enough?

:iconmlpspikeyunoplz: :iconsaysplz: Another comic! Extra ponies!

Srsly this page took me the longest time out of all I've ever made even if it's short. I don't even know how many ponies there are. Used at least 300 layers >_<

:bulletgreen: Doctor Whooves

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Part 1: -You Are Here-
Part 2: edowaado.deviantart.com/art/Do…
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I'm not an MLP or Dr. Who fan. In fact I haven't seen an episode of either. However, I can say with certainty that this is a freakin' great comic. I appreciate that it seems a lot like the Doctor crashed on Equestria, and part of the Doctor's universe followed him here. That feeling is especially supported by the artwork of MLP. It was really hard to stop reading the comic; it introduces characters well. While I only know the basics of both MLP or Dr. Who, you don't need in depth knowledge of on or the other to read the comic. You can enjoy it whether or not you know anything about the universes, and I appreciate that. Besides that, the art is really clean, showing the emotions of the characters really nicely. If I do have to complain about something about the art, its mostly that the cyber prince doesn't seem to fit well. While the story seemed pretty original to me, I can't really judge fairly, as I don't know much about either universe. The story is well written for what you said is an improv, and has nice swings between humor and serious. It has well written suspense, but it probably overuses cliffhangers(though I'm probably not the best person to talk about that.) Overall, it is a very clean and well done comic.