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Dan vs Bronies - Intro Pt 5


This page is dediated to error-man 's dog Balder. Rest in Peace. 

:bulletblack: Dan vs 

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Part 2:…
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Part 5: - You Are Here -
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For all pony fans please check out my other comic. 

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado

:bulletred: Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fan-comic. Dan Vs. @ The Hub and Stars Media

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DrWhoFan611's avatar
"Stop watching pretty ponies!"

"Stop watching stupid monkeys!"

"Monkeys are cool!"

"Well, so are ponies!"
DaemonBomb-Inc's avatar
I have Dan credit the thing with the snow globe was pure genius
DMBronie's avatar
Dan just acted like a cat with this glassball xD
king-master75023's avatar
You know, if Dan vs. show was still around they probably make an episode of this.
Deathlord789's avatar
OH my god its a bronie Apocalypse, Run for your lives!!
regularshowandsonic's avatar
Chris, do you ever wonder when Alise will get pregnant?
JoeBrony's avatar
Donkeys? :rofl:

Hey, wait a minute... :grump:
MattX125's avatar
Mostly male adults watches the........................ dafuq?  That can't true, can it?  I mean I don't watch the series just doctor whooves crossovers, and other crossovers, that's it.
discord666's avatar
sickfucks...   dan, get the axe.
MLPmichael's avatar
lol broface XD

very good feels like im actually watching dan
HugoMndz's avatar
Yeah... I felt like watching an actual Doctor Who episode when I read the other comic.

I've never seen Dan vs,  tho :/
Ironhide-Newton's avatar
I love that he called them Donkeys! XD I think it's funny that the hippy guy is a Brony too. lol
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
lol donkeys. Reminds me of when I introduced the show to my aunt shortly after I discovered it, the first thing she said upon seeing Twilight: "Is this a Japaneese cartoon?"
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was funny
JamesRye's avatar
Ohuh, Dan gonna explode and shout BRRRRRRRRROOOONIIIIIIEEEEEEEEESSS! I so wanna see that. Best with shaking his hands onto the sky. <3
I could see this being an actual episode.  Great Job!
Habodek's avatar
He broke the Mystical Orb of Fates Destiny. You monster!
Corrderio's avatar
I sense arson on the horizon.
zaiali's avatar
Tsk, bronies, am I right?? 
ChaoticNote's avatar
Yes. They hoard too many oranges and they need to go down.
StarryOak's avatar
I can... hear his voice.
Applejack2011's avatar
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