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Dan vs Bronies Ch 2 - Assimilation Pt 7

By Edowaado
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Bullet; Black Dan vs

Introduction: Link 
Chapter 1:  Link

Chapter 2:

Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link 
Part 4: Link
Part 5: Link
Part 6: Link
Part 7: - You are Here -
Part 8: ~ Tomorrow ~
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Lord Mechatron. I have found some Automaticbots!
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was great.
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EverlastingJoy's avatar
Grab a bag or two of popcorn Dan. It's going to be a while, even by this time.
XxLyraTheCatxX's avatar
If the Sonic Rainboom impressed him, wait until he sees RD nuking AJ's barn XD
Scyphi's avatar
Yeeeeaaaaah, sorry Dan, there's usually not much point in trying to fight it once you get that far into it.
Now go forth and make a PMV with this clip, for it is brony law that every PMV must contain a sonic rainboom.
kabhes's avatar
the link for part 8 is not yet in the description.
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Let the Rainboom covert you!
1n5aN1aC's avatar
Are those eyes in the second from last panel inspired by Star Vs the Forces of Evil?
DracoBlair's avatar
Eeeee! I need more :D
Ben-Del's avatar
It really do be like that
DrWolfsea's avatar
A Brony's true weakness is when the series ends. Maniacal 
mattwo's avatar
I thought it was Season 3, considering the great fandom ragequit that happened back then.
DrWolfsea's avatar
Nah that was a large speedbump next to the ragequit over Starlight Glimmer. No, this series ending is their true weakness because it ends the generation which means either next-gen might have one of four scenarios yet the fandom will still rebel against. Scenarios being; better art with terrible stories and weak character development, better stories but worse art and again terrible character development, good story and character development with decent art, or the true nightmare that they'll have better art with stories and character development which the previous generation of fans pull the gen1 shit. 
mattwo's avatar
Or you know, everyone will just move on to gen 5, regardless of complaints they might have because it's going to be a trending topic no matter what.

I mean, Teen Titans Go is still relevant right?
DrWolfsea's avatar
*points to the fact that people demanded the original and they're supposed to be making the original come back*
Powerpuff girls would have been a stronger case considering that older fans like myself are so mad at what they've done but you know the younger generation enjoys it so I keep my complaints to myself. I expect very few fans to go into the next generation without complaints or saying "they should have kept gen 4's designs" or "gen 4 paid tribute to the previous generations unlike this one" so I discarded that option.
temporos's avatar

"Vaporated." XD

vindurza's avatar
yeah that's basically how got into the cartoon
Fetch26291's avatar
Dan is one of those who needs multiple doses of Rainboom.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
The phenomenon that started it all.
MalchiortheDraco's avatar
Dan...Just wait. You're not up to season 2, which is when I realize I was a brony. Discord (yes) plz 
MunkTransformerLover's avatar
Resistance is futile, Danny boy.
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