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Dan vs Bronies Ch 2 - Assimilation Pt 6

By Edowaado
Bullet; Black Dan vs

Introduction: Link 
Chapter 1:  Link

Chapter 2:

Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link 
Part 4: Link
Part 5: Link
Part 6: - You are Here -
Part 7: Link
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" only saw one!"

Yeah, that's usually goes.
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Lol, oh this is just so hilarious, great work.
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Season 2 IS great! That's when Discord arrives!
And when Chrysalis arrives! And when Twilight loses her mind! And when Sweetie Belle disowns her sister! And when Luna makes her return at last (and then get banished from the remainder of the season)! And when the CMC alienate the entire town!

Ah, to experience season 2 for the first time again.
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luna returns in the 2 part finale
Perhaps it was wrong of me to stray from the traditional phrasing of "banished to the season finale," but frankly she's barely in "A Canterlot Wedding" anyway.
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this is my new favorite thing in the world thank you for making this
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Oh, waaaay more than that.
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I love this so much. 
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sorry man, you enter to the fandom

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Had a buddy like that in college
mariusioannesp's avatar
Like Dan or like Chris or like this Australian Rainbow Dash fan? 
vindurza's avatar
The Aussie dash fan
caballero-nocturno's avatar
Hahahah this is amazing xD I will definitely miss this series. c':
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So is it gonna be a brainwashing room? Or is Dan gonna be wrong like in Dan vs The Neighbours where it turns out he's being paranoid and there's nothing to worry about?
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No going back now! ^^
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(OoC: One-of-us. One-of-us)
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