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Dan vs Bronies Ch 2 - Assimilation Pt 3

By Edowaado
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So many memories got dugged up in this part.

Are you attending bronycon 2019? 

Me and  error-man will be there, so do come and say hi. I'll be wearing a shirt with my art-work on it.

Bullet; Black Dan vs

Introduction: Link 
Chapter 1:  Link

Chapter 2:

Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: - You are Here -
Part 4: ~ Link ~
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Reading this in 2020!

TheEnderRebel's avatar
Is that a Transdimensional Horse person? oh no. . . theyre here. . .
Aroddo's avatar
love the nod to Kanashipanda :)
Pulled out of his ass as it may be, that could be his actual reason for choosing a best pony if he were to make a serious choice.

Though if he ever made it to season 3 I'm sure he'd pick Trixie. Surely "Magic Duel" would guarantee he was sold on her.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh that was hilarious.
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LevelDasher's avatar
I'll be there. I have a variety of t-shirts to wear, so I won't exactly be distinguishable. But who knows, I might be able to pick ya out of a crowd.
Furi-kun's avatar
is the last 2 panels are a reference to one of "asdf movie"s?
ScissorWizard707's avatar
it's more a reference to the creator, tomska, and his horse character
vindurza's avatar
Don't worry stan those masks scare everyone
mattwo's avatar
Except 2chan and NicoVideo apparently.
vindurza's avatar
they still scare folks lol
Nyerguds's avatar
lol, the "I love it!" horse...
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Is that REALLY Stan?
Edowaado's avatar
Haha yeah, I figured with all the crazy stuff that's happened in Dan vs, it wouldn't be too out of reach to imagine that both shows take place in the same universe.
mattwo's avatar
Why not Pearl and Amethyst then? Those appear to be cosplayers (not sure why they'd be there though). The South Park kids in the first part of this chapter are clearly cosplayers too (the real ones probably would be there for Terrance and Phillip).
Edowaado's avatar
yeah everyone aside from the gravity characters are cosplayers
MalchiortheDraco's avatar
Well, I found me in the picture. XD 

Whose is the Better Sellman? by MalchiortheDraco
Edowaado's avatar
MalchiortheDraco's avatar
I know. XD

By the way, Stan will be returning to BronyCon(Saturday and Sunday). I mean, who's better to sell items to marks...I mean people than Mr. Mystery? Right?
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