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Dan vs Bronies Ch 2 - Assimilation Pt 2

By Edowaado
Muscular Twilight Brony's Design of course taken from the amazing Friendhsip is Magic Videos…

I and error-man whom I've been working with on this comic, will be attending this years bronycon 2019!

I'll be wearing a shirt with my illustrations on them, come and say hi!

Bullet; Black Dan vs

Introduction: Link 
Chapter 1:  Link

Chapter 2:

Part 1: Link
Part 2: - You are Here -
Part 3: Link
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EverlastingJoy's avatar
"Because of Pie."

Even as a Pinkie Pie fan, that answer is... actually acceptable. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a free slice of pie every now and then?
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Good answer.

But seriously, Fluttershy.
xanni-au's avatar
"sculture" is a typo for "sculpture".
TomFraggle's avatar
If it's Edowaado, there's got to be someone who's buffed.  Enter, Friendship Is Manly Twilight, love it!

(Without even thinking to question)  Applejack.  (Passed with flying rainbow colors) ;P

Pinkie Pie works too, cause they are cousins, even if the records were smudged.
I would probably have to say, everypony 
It's interesting to use such a contentious question as a test, but it does make sense to judge them by a free-form question that will give more overall data.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was funny.
12570110's avatar
"Because of Pie"
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mariusioannesp's avatar
Never saw those Friendship is Many videos myself, but I thought that guy looked familiar. 
Marianamystery's avatar
The entire "Friendship is Manly" series is hilarious
DeviantMetroid's avatar
Is this what all the buff man-body drawing has been for? You were training for this cameo all these years? Nice!
sigel4ever's avatar

ehehehe cool one

(how dan gonna answer this? probably we never know)

AndysLife's avatar
No, because Pi.
vindurza's avatar
ooo that is a tough question
Homeward's avatar
this is insane.....and it is GLORIOUS
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Woo! I'm gonna pass this secret test with flying colours!
mattwo's avatar
Oh man I remember those videos.
Dibullba's avatar
"Pinkie Pie"... That is a funny way of saying Fluttershy Pony Fluttershy Smirk Emoticon. 
qwerty2999's avatar
That answer feels like Pinkie Pie's second or third reasoning for that question too.
{First is party's}
ImperfectXIII's avatar
Excellent answer. XD
SFaccountant's avatar
I dunno man if some super buff dude asks me who the best pony is I think I'd retreat. That's a dangerous question O_o
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