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Dan vs Bronies Ch 1 - The Grand Plan pt 6

And back to Dan vs! And yes, that is grunkle Stan. With all the weird stuff happening in both shows I wouldn't be surprises if they even shared the same universe.

Sadly I didn't win anything in the webtoon challenge, but here's a link to all the great comics to check out

:bulletblack: Dan vs

Prologue: Link 

Chapter 1:
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link
Part 4: Link
Part 5: Link
Part 6: - You Are Here -
Part 7: Link
Part 8: ~ Watch For More~  

:bulletred: Disclaimer :bulletred: 

This is a non-profit fan-comic. All characters are owned by their representatives. 

Dan Vs. @ The Hub and Stars Media

Working with error-man

For all pony fans out there please check out my other comic

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado
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Dan: "You will not take control over me you force of evil!" Dan vs. The Forces of Evil xD
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was that grunkle stan in panel one?!
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The best way to turn off the computer hit him with a baseball bat :D (Big Grin) 
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Also, Chris has the best Me Gusta face.
I got way more amusement out of that Grunkle Stan cameo than I probably should have.
But seriously though, this series is great, and despite not watching Dan vs., I really enjoy it.
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A brony generally refers to a fan of the series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic.  While they can be obsessed with it and collect merchandise, there are many who don't do that and are fairly casual when it comes to their interest in the show.  There are also many people who enjoy the show but would prefer not identifying themselves as bronies.

The term "Brony" usually refers to males who like the show, but it is generally unisex and can refer to any fan, regardless of their gender.  Female bronies are often referred to as pegasisters.  A closet brony is someone who keeps their liking of the show private, usually out of a fear of what others will think of them. Cloppers are bronies who possess an interest in sexually explicit works involving the MLP characters (contrary to the belief of someone people, being a brony doesn't automatically make one a brony.   You can be a clopper and a brony, but being a brony doesn't automatically mean they're a clopper).

Hope this helps.  :)  Sorry if I confused you.
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I like this one it pretty much shows how I became a Brony.

 I will just watch the first episode to see what everybody is talking about....
 I guess I will watch part 2 to see how it ends
I will just watch one or two more episodes to see where it goes..
 it was around episode 6 or 7 that I became a fan of the show.
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yeah same here, i dont remember which episode i became a fan at though
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These comics are just as addicting as the show itself!!!

Great work Ed! Keep 'em a coming!
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Thanks Jack! Glad you're enjoying them!
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That's actually how I became a Brony lol XD
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Hey! That happened to me!

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Boy this sounds familiar...
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ahahahahah! stop it! this is very funny!
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Exactually how it happened with me.
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So this series made me re-watch Dan Vs and I just remembered something I had completely forgotten about the show: Nearly every group Dan hates has some hidden darkness to it. New Mexico, the balloonists were crazy cultists, the Mayor was a spy making America dumber (which could totally be plausible), even Elise's Mom is in the mafia. So I have to wonder, are these bronies going to be the same? Evil aliens, maybe? Cultists? Long dead sycophant warriors of an ancient cannibalistic pyramid scheme? One has to wonder...
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Of course there was also the Dan vs Neighbours episode ^^ One of my favorites~~
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Yeeeaaahhh... That's true... *squints my eyes at the comic harder in thought* I still don't trust them! :p
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He'll probably destroy the whole hotel just so he doesn't have to pay for that computer
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That's the story of how I became a Fan of the show (except that my Laptop wasn't hit by anything).
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come to us Dan dont resit us 
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