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Dan vs Bronies Ch 1 - The Grand Plan pt 5

:bulletblack: Dan vs

Prologue: Link 

Chapter 1:
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link
Part 4: Link
Part 5: - You Are Here -
Part 6: Link
Part 7: ~ Watch For More~  

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This is a non-profit fan-comic. All characters are owned by their representatives. 

Dan Vs. @ The Hub and Stars Media

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DrWhoFan611's avatar
I like how you made sure Dan was posed so you can see his shirt perfectly clear when he says 'Jerk'.
I'm totally sure that would be my reaction! Luckily, the first episode I watched was Season 2 Premiere.Discord Icon 
NecromancerKing85's avatar
I can not wait for the next page Nod
Jeht-Maverick's avatar
Dan's face is teh face I made when I started watching it. but I said "Oh for Fuck's sake."
Maldrete's avatar
Those last two panels made me laugh.
well, that first reaction is one of the most common...
WorldWalker128's avatar
That thought in the last panel ran through my head, too. But so I'd not be a Troll (I hate those people) I endured it. By the end he'll make himself watch the next just so he'll see the whole episode, and if this follows its normal trend, "Well it was a but girly, but it wasn't BAD.  Still, that didn't tell me" *Ten episodes later* "OH GOD, I'M SINGING THE THEME SONG!"
Mikkillerib's avatar
And now there's no turning back. * makes a evil grin while rubbing my hands together *
GolliatTaillog's avatar
Oh god, this is so accurate. For once I felt identified with Dan.
p-a-t-a-r's avatar
This is why you don't start at episode 1. The pilot is basically pure sap.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Wait for iiiiiiiit...
MadOvid's avatar
Seven hours later...
YES! Mwahahaha!
Element0fKindness's avatar
Yea, I remember a time when I didn't like wine too, but that is no longer the case. 

MLP is highly addictive Dan.  Just one episode and you are hooked for life!
LordKane666's avatar
and so it begins enjoy the ride Dan 
OssyBeatBreaker's avatar
I love it when the openers starts and he was like "OH HELL NA" I actually did the same XD
Soooooooon. You shall join us. Muhhaaaaaaaha!
ShadowBr0ny's avatar
My mind said these same words when I first started watching MLP. Look where I am now.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Well, I did have the same reaction at that line.
petrichild's avatar
Admittedly, the first few episodes are rough.
MattX125's avatar
That can be said for a 90% of shows.  Before they either improve, flat line, get worse, or canceled.  Like CN's rating after CN city.
kitsychan's avatar
Its a show about cowboys... in space...   Yeh right... who would ever watch  a show about cowboys.... in space.... Worst story idea ever....  

And then they give it a name that sounds like some pink pegasus with blue mane and twin lightning bolts cutie marks...  really?
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