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Dan vs Bronies Ch 1 - The Grand Plan pt 1

And so it begins

:bulletblack: Dan vs :bulletblack:

Prologue: Link
Chapter 1:
Part 1: - You Are Here -
Part 2: Link
Part 3: ~Watch For More~ 

:bulletred: Disclaimer :bulletred:

This is a non-profit fan-comic. All characters are owned by their representatives. 

Dan Vs. @ The Hub and Stars Media

Working with :iconerror-man:

For all pony fans please check out my other comic. 

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado
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RedwallWarrior11's avatar
Dan is scaring me right now
J4B's avatar
You know something is up when dan is agreeing with you.
WorldWalker128's avatar
Oh no, he's planning on playing nothing but Justin Beiber music! That'll ruin the ENTIRE convention!
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Alright-new story!
VictorReisSobreira's avatar
he should had gone with fire, fire is the answer, fire is the cleanser. don't burn just the actors, burn the disgusting man-chiuld that orship the actors too
MooMinded's avatar
I swear it's like an actual episode of the show... very well done!
Edowaado's avatar
Thanks Moo! It surely was what we were aiming for!
Yes, this is definitely going to end well.
SoulfulMirror's avatar
Uh oh... This's not gonna be good for the Bronies. Don't mess with Dan. :( (Sad) 
atpa543's avatar
I want to see an epic fight scene with John Delanccy (I don't know how to spell his name) and Dan
But if you burn it with fire, you can roast marshmallows and weenies!
madkrayzypony's avatar
Like Dan once said.

Can't beat them, join them.
Can't join them, BURN THEIR HOUSE DOWN!
Ocarinaplaya's avatar
The text is sooooo tiny
Edowaado's avatar
Are you viewing the comic on your phone? If not I must be aware of this being a problem for the readers.
Ocarinaplaya's avatar
I'm actually viewing it on my tv. 32 inches.
Edowaado's avatar
Well, houston we got a problem : I
SherlockBoy's avatar
I had always hoped that they would make an episode like this. :D
xormak's avatar
EDDY you're back on track =D
TerraHv1's avatar
It's like the show was never cancelled! I would love to see this animated as an episode.
awesomes8wc3's avatar
the jaggies kill man
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: And then, all the bronies and pegasisters will kick you out, screaming "HATERS NOT ALLOWED".
mariusioannesp's avatar
This feels so much like Dan Vs. I love it!
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