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Dan vs Bronies Ch 1 - The Grand Plan END

Aaaand that's it for the first chapter!

Very sorry these parts aren't that long, but there's gonna happen more and more as the story moves on. Nevertheless I hope enjoyed this new installment. I'll do my best to get to chapter 2 as soon as possible.

Oh yeah and happy friday the 13th! We'll have another one of those next month as well.

Also If you haven't seen the Dan vs Pinkie Pie commercial check it out here…

:bulletblack: Dan vs

Introduction: Link 

Chapter 1:
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link
Part 4: Link
Part 5: Link
Part 6: Link
Part 7: Link
Part 8: - You Are Here -

Chapter 2: Link


Dan Vs. @ The Hub and Stars Media

Working with error-man

For all pony fans out there please check out my other comic
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I like the idea of Dan Vs Bronies and I think you have done a excellent job at portraying how it would happen. The quality in the pictures is very professional and I don't have a hard time at all seeing what is happening. Though, I do suggest you make the words a little bigger. For those with bad eye-sight it would be difficult reading. They don't have to be that much bigger. Only a little.

As for the impact, I am always excited to see this comic update. I am very much into the story line, and can't wait to see what you do with Dan and the Bronies. Will he become one? Will he get his revenge, or will he only punish the bronies who have wronged him? This will be answered further on in the story, I am sure.

I will continue to read these comics until the very end. But I do have one more suggestion. Please update more often. I understand life gets in the way often, but if you can find time to work on the comics more, then I suggest doing so. Thank you for your time and thank you for reading this.
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So was there never a Chapter 2, or...?
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aaw... no more?
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Ah the final comic. I missed seeing this series. :'(
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what i find funny about this is my first pony dream also had Pinkie Pie, my second was Luna, third was Discord, and finally my fourth on had Chrysalis in it. 
when will this update
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Hopefully within the next few months. I have a lot of things that need to be sorted out first < : )
Hi. Don't mean to be rude (or to rush you), but you've said that more or less exactly a year ago now. Can you please tell me, what's the new date to expect for this to update? Take your time, just tell an approximate date. Love your comics!
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Maybe sometime, imma try and animate it.
yay i look forward to it i miss dan vs
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What happened next find out in the next issue refer to the kiosks next month with your and our favorite characters DAN and CRISH 
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will be contoniu?
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Yes! sorry it's been so long on hold. I'm still working on some other things.
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I have to say, I love this comic.

However I believe I've found out how it will end. It's a wild guess though:

Dan will try to convince Chris to get his revenge on the Bronies but unfortunately for him, Chris decides against it and it will test their friendship. After reconsidering long and heart-breakingly, Dan decides to not physically harm the Bronies. Instead, he learns more about My little Pony thanks to Chris. On the Convention, Don will show up and advertise his cupcakes with Pinkie Pie's song about cupcakes.

Eventually, Chris will write and read some Fanfics to Dan and since these are extremely cheesy, Dan finally knows what he can do to get his revenge:

He writes the Fanfiction "Cupcakes" to get his revenge on the Bronies as well as on Don. Thus the Bronies get permanently cupcaked.
It then ends with the Bronies raising their fists, screaming "DAN!"
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You know, this really feels like an episode of Dan Vs. XD Really awesome! Damn shame most of the Hub shows are gone. :( Still have MLP at least, but they had a great set of other shows too. Least Rescue Bots keeps them company. XD
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Anyone here should like this.… Fer da lulz. :icondiscord-plz:
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When is the next page?
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Very sorry to inform that I'm currently working on a small side-poject! I hope to have it finished by the end of the month so I can go back to Dan vs.  
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Cool! Thank you.
Love all of your work btw!
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