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Arcadia Fallen Kick Starter Promotion

This Comic is Sponsored by Arcadia Fallen  the Visual Novel Kickstarter Project…

Another thing I've worked silently on. I've been illustrating backgrounds for this game, and my job is now done. The Kickstarter launched a few days ago and is now already halfways funded!

Feel free to check it out. There's even voice actors from the english jojo dub, they'll be voicing the two guys in this comic. 
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Ah yes who could forget Game Announcer (the one from DiU episode 2, not the one from Sardust Crusaders) / Delinquent A?

Just saying, I doubt anyone remembers Alejandro Saab's Jojo roles and he has plenty of far more notable ones like Shallot, Leon from Pokemon Journeys and the ever insufferable Red Manuel from Nomad of Nowhere.

As for Joe Zieja, I personally know him better as Huey in PSO2 but that's just me. His performance is a lot less energetic than his Japanese VA (who voiced Simon in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) though.

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Is that a Jojo style??!!
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