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All Well That Pays Well

Pinkie may be a demanding costumer, but she pays what it takes.

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SonicTAlicorn's avatar
Nobody draws this guy, or even makes a vector of him! He's awesome! Why?
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
This explains why she got the reporter to pay the bill. Pinkie has no concept of money. 
Shadowlord123456's avatar
No! Stinkin Rich was Diamond's grandfather and you're not DT's grandfather silly!
TartarusFire's avatar
You always find the best parts in these episodes to make a comic about XD
mickey16's avatar
And he suddenly transforms into Filthy's father.
R-Doll's avatar
Enjoy your early retirement xD
ABrightSide's avatar
Heh, and I actually felt a bit bad for the guy.
SuperBigMac's avatar
The face he made just made me think of the "post coitus f*ck yee" face. Y'know the one, the "I am soooo satisfied with myself right now" face.

That's the face.
tigreanpony's avatar
that was hilarious.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Because you know those places aren't cheap when it comes to special events like that. :iconrarityknowsplz: :XD:
*clocks him upside the head and takes the money*
Chocolate money.
MountainLygon's avatar
Stinkin' Rich has been dead for years. You, mister, are Cup Cake's brother. Either that or an extremely suspicious coincidence.
Nova225's avatar
So... he took the time to glue all the bits together, or they are just SUPER sticky from the cotton-candy ?
garciarael's avatar
I'd think Filthy Rich would know his ancestors, and that pony can't be it.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
OH my god, I'm dying! That simple humor is amazing. I can't say enough how much I love it to have you back. I missed your jokes.
And I love Noi's eyebrows in panel two. That almost made me laugh more than the actual joke. :D
tokyofox200's avatar
The  way I see it.. Pinkie charges a lot for those parties and then spends it.. OR in spite of it being a rock farm. She and her family are stinking uber rich!!!
roxy-cream's avatar
Hey making awesome parties is not a cheap job.

How much do you think Rainbows party would cost if it wouldn't on the house that time?
tokyofox200's avatar
Who said it was on the house? After all Pinkie did say that Rainbow Dash picked her for the party pony planner so I'm thinking she might've paid her for that one and everyone knows that Rainbow Dash got big money... How else could she get a such a huge cloud house made so far away from Cloudsdale?
roxy-cream's avatar
Uhmm, from clouds?

Cloudsdale may create the weather and all that but it can't be difficult to make.

(After all the Everfree forest can make them for free.)
tokyofox200's avatar
The  cloudsthat Clousdale use for building be a bit different there.. In the first episode to show Cloudsdale .. One pony was using jackhammer on them.. A jack hammer!! Some clouds can even support a runway... Cough..Cutie Re-mark... Cough...  And in another episode .. Tanks for the memories... We see clouds supporting heavy looking equipment... So I'm thinking the quality of clouds for building houses may be a bit better/different from Cloudsdale... Which stands to reason as they did build a whole city of clouds after all.. As for the clouds of Everfree.. Those guys got spikes.. I wouldn't want to try standing on one of them...Would you?  Besides I got a theory that they are being controlled somehow.. I mean clouds having spikes is not normal even for Equestria......
roxy-cream's avatar
Plunder seeds affected the clouds and the land when they were out of control that was the reason of spiked clouds. (Although there hasn't been any other episode of the dreadful forest to confirm/deny this statement.)

Another thing is that you might be right about the magical clouds that
can be as thick to support ponies and heavy things can't be cheap, Good
thing is that Rainbow being Captain weather team (unofficial title since
we never heard of it from her) she can keep the lefover clouds that are in
the storage room.
TooCliched's avatar
Money, money, money! :love:
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