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hah the background is sooo not copy and pasted!
I remember that in Heart Gold And SOul SIlver you could borrow a team rocket outfit, and get a picture with your whole team in Goldenrod. So yeah that's what Aka did and look he's smiling because he has the chance to wear the uniform : D
While Hitmonlee is facepalming because Golduck is embarrassing him. He just doesn't know what's cool <,<.

(i'll look for typos later)

Nickname- Saur
Nature- Rash
Gender- Male
Power whip, Solarbeam, synthesis, earthquick, magical leaf
Story- Aka obtained Saur right after he turned 10 years old and went to the pokelab in pallettown. Saur was always together with Aka and his first Raticate ever since he got him. Saur is one of the 2 most importent team members for Aka.
-Saur obtained the 2 scars in a fight against a Sceptile in the Black Tourney and the top of the leaf on his head was sliced off, but grew back to normal again after a few month.
personality- Saur often tends to use the line ''attack first think later'' since he's always quick to the point when it comes to contest or battles. Saur simply just HATES to wait, with might explain his stupid actions.

Icy wind, Hyper fang, Facade, Shadow Ball, Double Team
Story- This is NOT the same raticate Aka obtained when he was 7 years. After his first Raticate lost it's life in the Black Tourney when Aka was 13, he received an pokemon egg from the daycare. They said that his Raticate surely was the father of the egg. Aka used to visit the daycare in the sevii islands alot. Reaf is the most important member for for Aka in his team and is always trying to keep an eye on him when he's out of the pokeball. Reaf could be called the baby of the team.
personality- Reaf is pretty much a loner. He barely gives any respond to people who try say hello to him any other form for contact like petting. Reaf doesn't even shows much interrest in the rest of Aka's team either. The only 2 living creatures he would come near of, would be Aka and Saur, since they were the first 2 he ever saw when he hatched.
If you would see Reaf around that would only mean that Aka isn't far away either.

Nature- Naive
Hydro pump, calm mind, Psychic, ice beam, Dig
Story- got catched while fishing
Personality-Remember this guy? [link]
Dacky is surely the funniest fellow in the team. He's trying to look like the hero and leader. Even if Golduck is aware of Saurs high status in the team he'll still try to show how important he is in the team.
Surely he isn't the strongest team member but thanks to his BIG ego he'll keep standing up. He can't accept a lose from ANYONE and mostly keeps on going until Aka needs to force him to come back.
Even if he is trying to look like a hero, he still does alot of pranks together with Hitmonlee... sometimes he is overdoing it and will even end up stealing a little girls lollipop.
He mainly uses his uniform in cool contest. Normally when it's not about contest he's going around like any other golduck WITHOUT CLOTHES. He might do it for fun tho so if you feel like drawing him in his uniform please go ahead i'll love to see that : 3!

Mega Kick, Blaze Kick, Mind Reader, Stone Edge, Close Combat
Story- Aka got him from the Fightning Dojo in Saffron 1 year after the Black Tourney. Hitmonlee lived there ever since he was found in the wild as a Tyrogue
Personality- Lee is the worst in Aka's team when it's about contest. It doesn't stop him from giving his best, but he always rather wanted to battle.
Indeed Lee is Dacky's best freind. They both quickly had grown a bond like brothers to each other. Even though they tend to do the most idiotic random things, Lee would stop Dacky before they would cross the line. Lee is always worried about Dacky and is always looking after him ALWAYS.

Poison Fang, Toxic, Confusion Ray, Ariel Ace, Return
Story- one night when Aka was sleeping in the pokemon center near Mt.moon a Little Zubat was flying through the open window in Aka's room. Goldi was on hunt for blood and she quickly found a liking in Aka.. he was just her type. After that night she keept following him and is now a part of the team.
Personality- Goldi is a real sweetheart. She loves Aka more then anything and would literally bite you if you tried to come near him. But infact she likes to meet new people and simply LOVES to get petted. She evolved only 1 month after she evolved into a Golbat, due her love to her trainer.

Nickname- Pory
Nature - Brave
Zap Canon, Pain split, Signal Beam, Lock-on, Protect
Story- Aka was once lucky in the game corner and obtained Pory as a price.
Personality- Even though Porygon is a machine, he still has a heart of Gold. Pory would help anyone in danger without even flinching a second.
Aka is able to communicate with Pory by using his laptop. Pory uses it's electromagnetic waves in order to write on the laptop. Aka often uses Pory as a translater if he has trouble to understand what someone in his team wants.
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Was the Sceptile that hurt Saur in the Black Tourney Brian?