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Entry #33 Friday, 10/12/38 8:37pm
    I decided to write right away for some reason. I mean, right when I got home. Surprisingly I don't have any homework today! So that's awesome.
    Anyway I did something embarrassing the other day. So, what happened was, Shadow was on a mission for once, starting on Tuesday. And I asked if I could use his computer for research and he said it was ok. So, on Wednesday, I was in his room working on my paper for Italian class. I was almost done when I decided to take a break, because it was about 11 o'clock and my eyes couldn’t concentrate much anymore.
    So, I just decided to lie on Shadow’s bed for a bit, because his mattress is awesome. So, I was still horny, and I still have a crush on him… so… Long story short I kind of, sort of, touched myself on his bed. And it was a little awkward afterward, but it felt really good, so it was worth it, I guess. Maybe. So, yeah, there's my story of the week. I am such a creep. God damn it.

Entry #34 Saturday, 10/27/38 3:04pm
    It's almost Halloween! Yay... Even though I'm not doing anything, it's still fun during any holiday season. At least, that's what I think.
    Here's a fun fact about me: I have never gone trick-or-treating. And, yes, that is absolutely ludicrous, I know. Why is this, you may ask? I lived in an extremely Catholic orphanage until I was seven, and then I was homeless until I was thirteen, and then I actually had responsibilities. Well, I did before, but… whatever I got a job and stuff. Also did I mention I saved the WHOLE TIMELINE at that age? Technically it wasn’t me me. Nevermind, time travel is so confusing.
    I've never been trick-or-treating simply because I never got the chance. It's always sounded really fun, so I'm planning on going with my school friends next year. I can't go this year because I have work that day since I didn't have enough time to plan taking a day off.

Entry #35 Sunday, 11/11/38 10:46pm
    I've been feeling down in the dumps recently. Maybe for about ten days? I have no idea why, though. I'm turning 16 in three days, so I should be pretty happy.
    Sometimes I get really sad for no reason. It usually lasts from a few days to a month. Almost never for as long as a month, but it's happened a couple times. I guess I've just been feeling lonely or whatever since I'm not doing anything for my birthday. I'm not really attached to my school friends like I am to the friends I've met through Sonic. In fact, they're more like my acquaintances. I don't eat lunch with them or anything. We just work with each other in class and stuff.
    Woah. I just realized something. Just now I was thinking of totally ignoring my birthday, because I don't really want to dwell on the fact that I'll be bored and all. But, that kind of makes me realize why Shadow didn't care about his birthday. He's not one to party, anyway, so I guess he thought it didn't matter, like how I feel right now. Wow. Now I kind of understand something about him.

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November 27, 2015
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