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This fractal formula orginaly was in ChaosPro. I decided to implement in Mandelbulb3D this fractal as when I did google search of my DeviantArt Mandelbulb3D images (it's like google based top 10) I noticed that my old ChaosPro baguabox renders are in the top. Alsou it was fun formula to play with. The formula orginaly was intended to be like amazing box but realy it is quite a different from any other formulas. Others just do not generate astro tech or chessboards. Bagua, becouse it sometimes generated octagonal shapes like magical thing on South Korea flag;) Formula Download and some explanation: https://fractalforums.org/mandelbulb3d/1
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Made for last fractalforums.com contest http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=20420 Big pic: Since in whole picture the most interesting things is not seen I cutted out smaller parts: https://asdam.livejournal.com/175669.html
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Some time agou I made a couple of .m3l colours for Mandelbulb3D. Most of them was taken from other fractal programs with hudge databases ultimately from Fractint. Then I added second and third pack of colours. And then added some lights made by other. It's about 100 if I remember corectly. The forum now is closed but the colours still are downloadable: http://www.fractalforums.com/tutorials/44-mandelbulb3d-colours-and-lights/ If you have some rendered fractal then you can go throught all the colours and look whitch looks good. And then use it as the base. This colection is somewhat old. But I think it still is quite a good. 3D fractals i
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Hi Edgars,

I just noticed you have recently updated em.ufm file in the UF database - I saw your comment in the file and tracked you down to here. :)

You say you would like to know who is using your formulas - I can point you to three images that I have made in recent years:

Kalisetes Sefirii used for these two created last year, 2016
The first image also uses used Lyapunov Forduckin
and the second image also uses TwinLamps
The Scales of Kaliset by Velvet--Glove Cotillion by Velvet--Glove

Bumblebrot used in this one from 2012
Bumbleflower by Velvet--Glove

In addition I'm pretty sure I have used Lyapunov Forduckin a couple of other times but I don't have good records of where I have used colourings so images are difficult to track down.

Anyway, I enjoyed making all of these things and want to thank you for your efforts in the formula writing department. People like me depend on generous writers to provide the tools used to make our art! :heart:

Hope you found this interesting.
I found this interesting. And I realy liked the first and the second pictures.

That would add +10% to my optimism today:)
I'm so glad you found this interesting and enjoyed the results from your formulas. :D
Of corse. Not at least becouse they are almoust only I know;)
hey thanks for faving :)
Yes, I just love to invent new formulas and other things;)
Oh hello! You are the Gilgamesh thingy creator, salutations and thanks

Luca :)