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Lucario used Aura Sphere!

for :icongame-art-hq:'s Pokemon Gen IV tribute collaboration~ official GAHQ website
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Don't mess with this boi unless u have a million rebel friends!
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Man, who did you have to kill in order to draw Lucario, (probably) the most popular Pokémon from all Gen4 :lmao:
Or is the selection random? I actually have no idea ^^;
Looks super great, I really like the perspective you've chosen, it really adds to the dynamism of this picture :dance:
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I think I was just lucky to be pretty fast xD really wanted to claim shaymin SF but it was already claimed, I was really shocked when I saw lucario was still free :D
Thanks again~ <3 I was trying to make it as dynamic as I could, same with glameow, so it means a lot to me <3
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Damn you speedy boy :lmao:
Wow okay I really get that, Shaymin Sky Form is incredibly adorable, I love it so much! I really, really wanna make an Anthro Skymin OC soon :eager:
Pleasure's mine! You definitely succeeded with that if you ask me, great job really :clap:
This is so epic, incredible work
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