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[APH] The Bloody Monk

By Edo--sama
There's a story about a monk from Nidaros cathedral. He was beautiful and choked some priest, and now his ghost appears to choke more people. so cute.

Norway looks so pretty as this monk.

And here's more about the ghost:…
And Himaruya's drawing:… :heart:

APHetalia belongs to Himaruya
Photo of Nidaros belongs to someone on the internet.
This art belongs to me.

GIMP again. and my computer is dying a bit.
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miyukihayashi45's avatar
Is it strange I find this kinda cute? It makes me feel demented.... o.o
Edo--sama's avatar
No, it's not strange~ actually, I drew it because I found the ghost monk's story cute XP probaby just because Himaruya drew Norway as this monk and Norway is cuteness
daysflyby's avatar
Really? I find Norway scary 
miyukihayashi45's avatar
Noway is the definition of cuteness~! ^^ (I love it BTW! though I don't think it needed to be said *shrug*)
princessoftheiles's avatar
Oh my goodness! This is sooo awesome (no offense to Prussia)! :D
Edo--sama's avatar
princessoftheiles's avatar
You're very welcome! :)
Japan343's avatar
I've read about that~ (just now (._.)) it was a fascinating one~ and I love this picture~! GONNA FAVOWITE~!

too bad he died because he was good looking //choked
Edo--sama's avatar
Thanks :D

But if he wasn't killed he wouldn't appear as a ghost now and nobody would be able to see how good looking he was XD
Japan343's avatar
Your welcome~ :iconbrohugplz:

XDD indeed
8Otakutalia8's avatar was the monk choked to death by some priests..?Or was he put to death because HE choked some priests..?:iconsweatdropplz:
Edo--sama's avatar
Probably, he choked a priest, and as a punishment, he got his head cut.. at least it would explain his behavior and the wound on his neck.
MurasakiiNeko's avatar
Łoooo!!! Zombie!
Całość robi wrażenie! 
Edo--sama's avatar
On jest duchem, nie zombie :x
MaddieKixx's avatar
I live right by that cathedral! Been there 1000 times and I haven't seen the monk yet XD

Awesome work tho! Lukas is sooo purrty!
Eeveetachi's avatar
Jest taki przyjemnie przerażający.... :iconnorwaylaplz:
I co za uczucie, widzieć na fanarcie ten sam kościół co na historii skandynawii!
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