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Transformers: War For Planet Earth


Transformers: War For Planet Earth

Episodes: Episode 1) Shanghaied The Bee Team try to capture two dangerous Decepticons hiding in Shanghai where they meet up with Arcee and her newest comrades, Chromia and Elita-1. Reappearances: Arcee First appearances: Demolishor, Sideways, Chromia, Elita-1 Episode 2) Life's a Beach The Bee Team must tackle a reckless Decepticon before he jeopardizes any lives during a surfing competition at Miami. First appearances: Crockhide Episode 3) Frostbite When three Decepticons attack a goldmine in Alaska, Sideswipe and Strongarm have to put aside their competitiveness to stop them. First appearances: Clawbar, Foxtrot, Humonga Episode 4) Predators Uprising A group of Beastformers (transformers that turn into animals instead of machines) arrive on Earth to hunt down the Bee Team. First appearances: Predators, Predator Maximus Episode 5) Danger Zone Soundwave returns with a few new Mini-Cons at his command. Luckily, a visiting Autobot named Warpath comes to aid the Bee Team in defeating
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Welcome to my DeviantArt page.

What you will see most on this page:

- Spore prehistoric creatures

- Vigilance Chronicles stuff

(Photoshop and Maya works are included)

But I can try other stuff if you want; just tell me what you want me to do.

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Dinosaurs, Star Wars, Transformers, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya
Amidst my internship job and the pandemic, two mystery creatures, both remakes, one aquatic and one land, will be arriving soon... Keep a lookout for them.

UPDATE on the mystery creature deviations

UPDATE on the mystery creature deviations

Hey dinosaur fans, Most of the mystery creatures have been revealed, except one. To summarize: A large feathered carnivore = Yutyrannus A herbivore with three claws on each hand = Erlikosaurus A 'slow lizard' = Segnosaurus A very spiky herbivore = Kentrosaurus A quadrupedal herbivore with a hook = Einiosaurus A amphibious creature with a large face = Eryops A ceratopsian which doesn't have a horn on its nose = Pachyrhinosaurus A dinosaur which was once a quadrupedal lizard = Megalosaurus A theropod with long arms = Deinocheirus The only creature left on the list is a pterosaur with a head crest and teeth. What would that be? However, after this pterosaur, there is a report of another mystery creature. An animal that has a fancy head and lived across Europe and Asia. Try to guess what it is, but I will probably give out clues in the comments for updates, so keep an eye out in this journal! Peace out. :#1: Sincerely, EP

IMPORTANT: Plans for this school holiday break

IMPORTANT: Plans for this school holiday break

To those who made requests on the prehistoric creatures for me to re-create and share, the list of creature requests have been compromised. So far the current requests that start after Allosaurus are: BrachiosaurusParasaurolophusMegalosaurusProtoceratopsOviraptorTroodonGallimimusIguanodonEucoelophysisTherizinosaurusTornieriaRubeosaurusEpidexipteryxIrritator However, there are several complications that got me thinking of additional creatures based from a certain game, which have since gotten me crazy and mind-wrecking over the past few months. Henceforth, unfortunately for those who make requests and instead of Brachiosaurus, this roster o

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Thank you for the fave!

Thanks for the fav!
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Thanks for the fave :)

Thanks for watching me!!! 😁
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Thanks for the faves!
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I wanted to thank you for liking my recent Spinosaurus drawing. I really appreciate it. Also, I love your Spore creations, and many have been helpful in giving me ideas for my own